Verizon updates the LG Spectrum with fixes and bloatware


Verizon has been busy announcing updates for many of their 4G LTE phones this week. With the RAZR, RAZR MAXX and DROID 4 all expected to see updates and today they’ve announced one more. The LG Spectrum will also be getting a large update bringing tons of new features, new bloatware apps, and multiple bug fixes. Read on past the break for full details.

Recently Verizon posted the full update details although it’s currently listed as coming soon. Usually that means the update should begin within the next few days, possibly sometime this weekend. For those rocking the Spectrum here’s what to expect from the update. Google Search is now the default instead of Bing, you get pinch-to-zoom options in the camera preview section, multiple bug fixes, better battery life and tons of bloatware.

Sadly most phones come with carrier or brand specific apps and this update brings plenty of them. The best part is you’ll have the new NFL Mobile 4.0 after updating, along with VCAST, VZNav, Kindle Reader, My Verizon, and Verizon Video. If you didn’t have too many apps now, you’re about to get a bunch more. LG’s also fixes some web browsing issues and have enhanced security throughout the device with some Google patches and other minor changes. You’ll be on Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread after the sizable 127 MB update. Shout in the comments once you get the update, and feel free to let us know if you run into any problems.

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  • tjshire

    This update can’t come soon enough. My Spectrum’s browser is excruciatingly slow, even after clearing the cache and history.

  • Blue Tooth radio is now failing and causing the phone to restart. It disconnects from my headset, I cant reconnect so I have to turn the bluetooth off, then back on. When turning back on, it times out then restarts the entire phone as a result. Its done this 3 times this week and I never had a problem with that before. I see a soon. lol

  • I was eagerly awaiting ics for my Spectrum until I got it. Ever since, my phone has been randomly shutting down or rebooting every few hours. I no longer get 4G. The keyboard malfunctions several times per paragraph; long press fails about 1/3 of the time. It’s nearly impossible to tap a text insert.The cosmetic changes seem random and ridiculous. I thought ics would fix the ridiculous slow speeds. (Web & FB pages often taking 3 minutes to load at 4G) Instead, it made it even slower, and it took over five minutes to get enough keyboard cooperation to complete this comment. Aaargh.

  • cazad

    Just got it. Now loose cell signal even if i live just my NYC and 2 other phones in the house are fine.

  • cazad

    Battery sucks much worse too.