Verizon teases a ‘special announcement’ coming May 22 at CTIA

April 18, 2013

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Today the folks from Verizon Wireless have piqued our interest a bit with a quick invitation for a "special announcement" in late May. For those that are unaware, the annual CTIA Wireless Tech event is taking place in Viva Las Vegas this year, and during the event on May 22nd Verizon looks to make some big announcements. We have a few ideas on what too.

Basically this is Verizon's way of telling us to save the date and get prepared for some big news, or it could just be a little hype for their attendance at CTIA this year. Although, we have a few ideas whirling around as to what Verizon might actually announce. Obviously the first though is the GALAXY S 4, considering they've not mentioned it since Samsung announced it themselves - but we know it's headed to Verizon.

Leaks suggest May 30th so a 22nd announcement would be perfect, we guess. Although a pre-order page beforehand certainly would be nice right about now. The other thought is maybe Verizon will finally announce they'll indeed be carrying the HTC One flagship smartphone. We've heard "confirmations" they will, and they won't, so we'll see. Maybe it will be the DROID DNA+ instead. That's an idea.

Lastly we've been seeing Verizon's CEO mention getting rid of contracts and such, and while we can't imagine they'll be doing that anytime soon - it's a possibility. Just don't get your hopes up. Verizon might announce some new devices, improvements to their network, or even the Clearwire acquisition. Either way we'll be live in Las Vegas for all the details. What are you guys hoping to see or hear?

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  • AmneonX

    Considering thats right after I/O, I may wager a guess that they may announce a new Motorola device

  • Daniel

    probably some more prices hikes..
    or some bullshit to get us to pay more..

  • Please tell me my much hoped for lube plan will be introduced! For the sake of all our anuses…..