Verizon has just outed the details on an impending update to the not so popular Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. The update will bring the gaming smartphone to Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread (no ICS here) and will fix a few bugs and even add a screenshot feature. More details are available from the Verizon update document below.

Verizon is slowly updating all their phones while we sadly all still are waiting for an update for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus to Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich, although sources have told us an updated build was recently submitted and should be arriving soon. Sony themselves have released ICS for the Xperia (link below), only that build won’t work with Verizon’s model.

While the Verizon Play awaits ICS this update does bring it to the plenty old Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread. Along with the update users can expect to see a screenshot feature, Verizon video on demand, a new method for delivering games, and more. Sony has fixed some charging issues and added camera enhancements but that appears to be it. All the details are provided in the document from the gallery below for those interested, and hopefully ICS will be coming next.

[device id=71]

[via Droid-Life]

  • Epdafan


    • Derge

      @Epdafan – maybe might get better reception in the trash. But seriously, how old are you, 12? Some hardware just can’t support the OS, and sometimes engineers can find loopholes to make it work, and sometimes it takes longer. So, unless you’re ready to make your own ROM or buy a phone that comes with ICS pre-installed, stop your whining please.

      • Andrew Bridgeman

        It doesn’t seem that you understand. ICS has been confirmed for the Xperia Play. If it does not come to the Verizon Xperia Play, he would have ample reason to be angry – as would I. I already can’t get the PSN or PS Store on the phone (global version can) and we’ve gotten 2.3.4 six months later than the global version. It’s literally crappy decisions holding the phone back, and as consumers we have a right to be angry.

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  • Jeremy Lanier

    i assure everyone here if i don’t get ics i will film myself destroying my phone. why can’t verizon and sony work together here and put a recent update out for me. i was asking for 2.3.4 when i bought the phone so why the hell rub salt on the wound and give me a shitty update that has tons of bulk im never gunna use? Oh wait its so people like me film themselves blowing up their phones and buying new ones from samsung/apple. on top of all of this, it was a shitty phone that has nothing to do with playstation at all. not even the buttons cuz they suck as. should’ve waited and made an xperia vita with the ps vita os. instead of lame a** android. as you can tell i have been reading about this ics update coming to sony phones just to be reassured its not coming to mine. F***!

  • Jeremy Lanier

    “buttons cuz they suck a**. should’ve waited” . . .  oh and F***

  • guest

    I agree with the upset people on this. I got this phone on june 2011 and i have yet to see sony or verizon do anything with it other then make it a bargon phone for poor customers with a 2 year contract. Just like the nokia N-Gage back in the day both the phone maker and service provider didn’t market it to the right people and failed to support there phone as needed.

    I think the fact that ICS is out on the over seas version of this phone it can be done and the only hold up is verizon. Verizon may not want to support sony with there PSN store because they make no money on the games and there data network would be used to download them. As of now sony is trying to move all customers to 4g devices because they are maxed out on there 3g network capacity.

    I dont have any real facts to suport any of this it’s just my personal take on this being i work in wireless and used to be a tech for verizon.

    • Guest

      I got this phone for one reason only, and that was the control pad so that I could play emulated 16-bit games.  To that end it works beautifully.  I didn’t know much or even care about the internet/email features on the phone when I bought it; they were just a bonus and have worked well enough for my purposes.