So far not a single device on Verizon has gotten an Ice Cream Sandwich outside of the developer devices. That may change next week: TechnoBuffalo got a look at what appears to be an internal Best Buy document stating in black and white that Verizon intends to update the Motorola DROID RAZR, the DROID RAZR MAXX and the HTC Rezound to Ice Cream Sandwich next week – the RAZRs on Wednesday April 4th, and the Rezound on Friday April 6th. Consider this a rumor at this point, but it’s better than nothing.

We know that ICS updates are in the cards for all three devices eventually: Motorola commited to updating the DROIR RAZR and DROID RAZR MAXX (which are the exact same device from a software perspective) when they were released, and the Rezound was on HTC’s list of phones that would be updated eventually. But frankly, we weren’t expecting either to get updated untill well into summer, especially since Motorola’s stance on the American version of the RAZR hardware is tentative at best.

Best Buy has been known to make guesses on this sort of thing, and a second-hand retailer source is much less than iron clad. Though we’ve already beta versions of the both DROID RAZR’s and the Rezound’s Ice Cream Sandwich update, I still wouldn’t consider these April dates set in stone. I hope they’re real, but given Verizon, Motorola and to a lesser extent HTC’s update history, I’m only cautiously optimistic.

  • Kindroid

    I had 3 updates in 9 months to my original Droid.  I received the Gingerbread update to my original Droid X in less than two months.  My experience with Motorola’s flagship phones has been pretty good so far.   Motorola and Verizon made a big deal out of the Razr and Razr MAXX being ICS upgrade ready.  So it would not be so surprising to see it at this point.  After all it has been 4 months since the release of the original Razr.  On the other hand…there are not a lot of high-end late model Android phones that have received 4.0 yet.  So comparatively…Moto and VZ have a little bit of time.  Patience Grasshopper.

    • lies.  I had the OG droid and the only way to get past the 1 update they provided was to root the phone.

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