Verizon Max coming for “concerned” unlimited data users

August 23, 2013

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Verizon has had their Share Everything plans available for more than a year now, but there are still some that have been holding their now-grandfathered-in unlimited data plan. Big Red is also getting ready to have the Verizon Edge upgrade plan available. That will arrive on August 25th and as that comes available Verizon has what they are calling a special offer for those who are planning to use Edge and are "concerned about losing their unlimited plan."

This offer is called Verizon Max and the specifics are coming by way of a leak at the moment. While we would normally consider this to be firmly in the rumor category, we have seen a little bit direct from Verizon. Or more specifically, the @VZWSupport had tweeted (then deleted) a message about how they have a 6GB/$30 promotion for customers with unlimited data.


Anyway, aside from waiting for an official announcement from Verizon -- it looks like the specifics have been revealed. Whether this proves to be a good option for anyone will come down to a personal decision, but with that in mind here is what Verizon Max will bring; 6GB of data for $30 per month or 8GB of data with mobile hotspot for $50 per month. Both of these options have overages being billed at $10 per GB.

These are non-shared data plans and it looks like they will only be available for a limited time. Verizon will be pushing these as a "data feature that offers large amounts of data at affordable prices." The leaked document also goes on to mention how these are "some of the best data offers to date."

It looks like the Verizon Max plan offers will be available on Sunday August 25th -- the same day as the Verizon Edge upgrade offer becomes available.

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  • Dennis Len Heggenstaller

    Umm…hell no….60gb for $30 and free tether then I might consider it.

    • Arturo De Guzman

      I know. I have unlimited with tether for $30. I gladly buy retail or open another line on my share everything, then drop sim into iPad or Mini and get the $40 plan down to $10 as a shared tablet. Yes it works. You may need to call CS and ask them why your tablet is being charged $40 and they will fix it.

  • Droidweb

    I don’t think Verizon understands the situation. If they pulled grandfathered data plans, they’re going to lose their customers period.

    • Dennis Len Heggenstaller

      Exactly…I want that to happen so I dont have to pay an etf to switch carriers

      • gr227

        Verizon will just wait another 10 months or so … so all Unlimited contracts are up and then say you need to use a shared plan. Plus I think the few people who leave will not matter to them as it will be the people using 10+GB a month in data. Verizon sees it as they are losing money with these people so them leaving isn’t something they will be worried about.

        Plus as much as I dislike Verizon as a company once you are used to having a signal where ever you go it is hard to switch to another company like T-Mobile and hardly ever have a signal. (at least where I live).

        Bottom line is Verizon doesn’t care about losing the people sucking up major amounts of data per month. They would rather have the people who use less than 2GB per month. Anyone saying Verizon will not kill the unlimited plans is in my opinion fooling themselves. Verizon isn’t in business to make you happy they are in business to make the most profit possible.

      • Daemonocracy

        They will lose customers because the share everything plan is expensive and way too restrictive with data use. 1 GB barely covers a full HD movie and they are asking $50 for the first GB? Are they even aware of the capabilities of the phones they are selling, steaming content is going to be huge but people can’t afford the data rates they are charging.

        Their coverage is excellent, no question about it, but coverage is improving for all the carriers as they acquire spectrum.

      • gr227

        I totally agree with you that it is too expensive. I work in IT so I am surrounded b somewhat techie type people all d ad they don’t care about locked phones and using more than 2GB a month. They tell me jjust hook to wireless ad stop worrying. I try to explain stuff to them but they don’t care … these results the average person the phone companies want if they had to pay 10 for an overage they might complain a little but that’s it. 95% of the country thinks this way so they won’t lose hat many people really. IMHO

      • Booger

        I guess this would explain why Verizon keeps showing record numbers of people switching to the Share Everything plans and joining up with them versus other carriers.

        Guaranteed some would leave if Unlimited Data was yanked. Which it will be. But those numbers are becoming more and more minor every day. And some will switch to other carriers and go back because the grass really wasn’t all that greener on the other side.

    • Cal Rankin

      I might actually consider staying with them because of the larger data allotments. I may not be able to stay on mobile data all the time, but I have WiFi in my home, so I can switch to that once I get home. I was considering getting rid of my aging Droid RAZR for either the Galaxy S4 or the G2. I’m considering it now, but I’m just flat-out mad with Big Red for crippling their phones with bloatware and delayed software updates. That is very much why I will probably be one of AT&T’s prepaid customers soon enough.

  • Ozpain

    They’ll have to pry my unlimited data from my cold dead hands…period!

  • gr227

    I have an Unlimited plan, I would like to trade up my Galaxy Nexus for the HTC One, I do not want to pay $500 though. I use maybe 3GB of data some months so I was sorta interested in this until I saw no tethering with the $30 plan I don’t tether a lot but if they are going to have me lose my unlimited data I want to feel like I am at least getting something out of this.

    • Daemonocracy

      tethering for $30 and a much lower per gigabyte overage fee than their standard $10 would give me some serious thought. We have unlimited plans, and they think paying $10 a gig is a deal?

    • Vash88

      You can keep ur unlimited data if u have a basic or non smartphone on ur account

      • gr227

        How would I do that? If you say upgrade the basic phone to the HTC One and then switch it to my unlimited plan I still need to pay the 30 – 50 dollars a month for the new upgraded phone plan? Or do you know of another way?

  • Lisa

    it would help if the tiers were reasonable, like add a zero behind every teir

  • Cal Rankin

    Can customers without an unlimited data plan get this? I would be willing to pay full price for a phone to get my son to jump up to a smartphone plan.