In head to head speed tests pitting Verizon’s LTE 4G network against Sprint’s WiMax network, Verizon has come out on top. The test was conducted on the HTC Thunderbolt for Verizon and the HTC Evo sitting in Sprint’s corner. The test, which was a regimen of 1,000 basic speed tests in New York City. The phones were also used in hotspot mode to measure speed connections via the iPad 2 and a Toshiba Laptop. In the end, the results are pretty impressive.

Categories looked at included average downloads, average uploads, and latency times. The tests found that on average, the HTC Thunderbolt enjoyed an average of 9Mbps down and 5 Mbps up, while the best that Sprint’s WiMax could do was an average of a 1Mbps for both download and upload speeds. In addition, Verizon hit a max speed of 19Mbps down and 10Mbps up.

The tests were conducted by research firm BTIG. Their conclusions were also based on Verizon’s latency was from nearly half to almost a third less than that of Sprint’s WiMax. It wasn’t even close. Then again, one has to wonder if the EVO has the edge on battery life.

[via PhanDroid]

  • Typo in second to last paragraph:

    “In addition, Verizon his a max speed of 19Mbps down and 10Mbps up.”

    Very interesting comparison. I had no idea the WiMax would perform that poorly in comparison.

  • Anonymous

    Funny i get about those same speeds on my EVO 4G in NYC.

  • I can assure you first of all, this test was probably paid for by verizon.

    Second, they never said how much the signal strength was on the Sprint phone

  • How dose HSPA+ fair ?

  • Volwrath

    Yawn I regularly get 4-6mbps through my Evo on an ipad2 in Nashville .. and its unlimited.

    Thanks Sprint!

  • Volwrath

    IIm not saying that Sprint is faster, but what is posted is barely 3G speeds. I guess thats NYC for ya

    • Anonymous

      I’m in NYC and i get 6-9mbps on average on my EVO 4G. And its unlimited, not like Verizons 5 gig cap. And don’t say no way on the cap, i have a friend that get throttled every month.

      Android on Sprint rules.

      • Xavier Carryl

        No cap on Thunderbolt over 3G nor 4G. I also own an EVO and live in Brooklyn and get about 6-7Mb on avg. I call BS.

  • Screw-you-verizon

    Man this world is so fake. Those 4g speeds on the evo being presented here are completely wrong. Where’s the fine print that says the evo 4g radio was on but 3g was actually connected.

  • i get 6Mbps down on sprint 4g in nashville. they are listing 3g speed. what a bogas test.

  • Itdoesnymatter

    I find this very interesting considering my evo gets an average of 1.5mbps on 3G. You mean to tell me that 4G is slower?

    I call BS.

    • Anonymous

      It’s not BS. I’m around Baltimore and my 4G, when available because if I go into a building I lose my signal, is at best 2mb down. It wasn’t like this last year… As for 3G, it’s gotten even worse…. I’ve been averaging 200kb down, when last year, I was getting speeds as high as 1.5mb.

      It seems Sprint/Clearwire hasn’t been increasing their bandwidth as their usage and users have been increasing. And from the issues Clearwire is having, I don’t think 4G, with them, will get any better in the near future. Sprint’s 3G…. It’s supposed to be fixed with Network Vision, but they’re not supposed to have that completed will 2014 to 2016….

  • Easton999gs

    this is a bullshit test i get an easy 10mbps in NYC, this shit is biased i get faster speeds than that on 3G with 2 bars signal

  • Justin

    Wow, is this a joke? I am on Sprint in Denver which is new to Sprint Wimax and my speeds are way faster then what is claimed in this “test” (5/6mbps down). Like others have said, I too get those speeds with 3G…nice work, but typical media, what else can you expect. /rolleyes

  • Novs26_84

    Lol ya right… dislike!!

  • judson

    At least put this bs on a page that’s not covered in Verizon adds…. Seems that BTIG is also a brokerage firm. I wonder how much Verizon stock they have either sold to clients or bought themselves….

  • lifeisdriving

    Here in Seattle I have the thunderbolt and two friends have the EVO. This test is dead on accurate. We have put both phones through the paces and EVO cannot even break 1.5mbps most of the time. Its pathetic. My old IiPhone 4 was able to reach 6mbps on a regular basis.
    Verizons LTE is the clear winner. Our results here are much better than this test shows, we reach 19 down nearly every time.

    I am surprised Sprint can even call their network 4G.


    this is with clear in baltimore

  • Omega9712

    Hmm….I’m not sure what to say….ya see I’m in Jacksonville Florida and I get 4G in and out side my house. I did a speed test indoors and averaged 7.34 Mbps up and 1.94 mbps down. That’s indoorsin Jacksonville Florida. Outdoors I’m averaging 10.02 Mbps up and 2.27Mbps down. In case I didn’t say it earlier I’m getting these results with the no..LTE is not blowing wimax out the water. Not from what I’m seeing.

  • Karim

    I wonder if the testers kno that just because u turn on 4G doesn’t mean ur connected. I don’t kno the numbers but I do know that when I’m connected to the 4G network my downloads/uploads are as fast if not faster than when I’m on WiFi in my home(& I have a very fast b,g,n router). This report is bs. BTW I’m in Brooklyn NY and have the EVO4G 2.3.3. Get the gingerbread update its makes the battery life on the EVO a 1000 times better( I stopped using my 3500 mAh battery because I can now get through the day with my stock 1500 mAh battery)

  • I JUST returned from a trip to NYC and spent some time in Jersey as well.  I hit WiMax download speeds as high as 12MPS with average being 6-7 MPS.  This was in varied environments including inside (though speeds indoors, in general, were consistantly lower, but still solid).  This article seems like some LTE fanboy love.  Honestly with the use on battery for 4G speeds, I still use WiFi as much as possible as it’s less of a drain on the battery life.