Verizon launches unlimited talk, text and 250MB data promo plan


Verizon Wireless has offered up some details for a new calling plan. This latest is arriving priced at $45 per month and aimed towards those looking to activate a single line of service. Simply put, this plan could save single line users a few bucks each and every month. One word of caution though, Verizon does have this listed as being available only for a limited time.


The $45 per month price includes unlimited talk and text along with 250MB of data. World Messaging Unlimited is also included free for the first three months. After that initial three month period, those opting to keep World Messaging Unlimited active can expect the monthly price to increase by $5.


For those looking for the comparison towards the current existing plans — at present this looks like it will save you about $15 per month. The standard plan comes at $40 per month for unlimited talk and text and then adds an additional $20 per month for 250MB of data. Basically, you are looking at $45 per month (using this limited time offer) as opposed to $60 per month (using the regularly available plan).

Otherwise, while not yet listed on the Verizon website, the folks at Droid-Life are saying there will also be a limited time $60 plan. This plan will include 1GB of data as well as unlimited talk and text. Using the regular pricing structure this would mean a monthly savings of $30, which is based on the $40 for unlimited talk and text with an additional $50 for the 1GB of data.

All that having been said, Verizon has yet to offer a specific date in terms of when this limited time offer will come to an end. And furthermore, Verizon is pushing users to either call, or find a local retail store for more details.

  • Name

    Pathetic. A plan like this can be had for about 10€ to 15€ in europe.

    • bitflung

      and a plan BETTER than this can be had for less money even in the states.
      Pathetic. absolutely right.

    • Cal Rankin

      We can also get gasoline cheaper in the United States. You win some, you lose some.
      But seriously, any pricing on Verizon’s plan is a joke and is much higher than a lot of better deals here in the states.

  • thamc

    Email me at I have the qrg with dates and an additional plan for existing customers

  • bitflung

    wow! great bargain!
    that’s only $5/mo more than Republic Wireless (and offers only 1/20th of the data….)

    VZW for the loss!!
    (yeah, i coined that phrase just now – FTL!!)

  • phor11

    $30 a month for 100 minutes unlimited text/data.
    $45 a month for unlimited talk/text 250mb of data.

    One of these companies actually knows what people want and prices it accordingly.
    I wonder which one it is…