We were expecting Verizon Wireless to announce the HTC One during their CTIA ‘special event’ yesterday and instead got to watch Jennifer Lopez announce Viva Movil. Given the steady stream of Verizon HTC One rumors that we have been seeing, it almost feels like stating the obvious when we say the Viva Movil announcement was a disappointment for some. That is not to say Viva Movil is a disappointment, but just that plenty of people seem to be waiting for a Verizon branded One.

With that in mind, it looks like there may still be some hope. HTC ROM developer, @LlabTooFeR has come forward with that bit of hope. The details are coming by way of Twitter where LlabTooFeR was asked if a Verizon HTC One reveal is still possible. His response did give some hope, though it was rather vague.

“It will be announced later”

Basically, it seems the Verizon HTC One is still expected to arrive but when is the question. This could mean later this week, later this month or even later this year. Lets hope it doesn’t turn out to be the latter, but we do remain hopeful and will continue to monitor the news and rumors.

Looking back, there has been some convincing evidence. Sure, that evidence has been mixed with some speculation, however talk of WiFi certification filings for the HTC PN073XX and talk of HTC reps already using and testing a Verizon branded One have seemed believable enough. Then again, some of this speculation had been tied to the DROID DNA sale which ended back on May 21st. So how about it, anyone still think Verizon will announce the HTC One?

Otherwise, in the meantime, those who happen to have an upgrade available and happen to be feeling like they cannot wait any longer — the Samsung GALAXY S 4 has officially come available with Verizon Wireless today. Of course, if you go that route you are taking the chance of missing out on the HTC One.

  • ugxvibe

    The last sentence in this article is what is killing me.. Do I leave a carrier with great coverage for a great phone? Or, do I stick with Verizon and gamble on the S4 with the hopes that VZW never gets the One.. decisions, decisions..

    • I know. It’s a tough one.

    • Brian P.

      My exact thoughts…It’s ridiculous how they won’t just come out and say what the Hell they plan to do…I honestly don’t think they Know!!!

    • Joe

      I’ve decided to trial the One on At&t for 2 weeks while keeping my Verizon line. If the service is good, then I port my # over. If not, I return the phone and stick with Verizon. It shouldn’t be this difficult on us.

      • ugxvibe

        I didn’t know you could do that. Sounds enticing..

      • twizatch

        You signed a wireless contract for two years. The trial period is for the phone only. You have two weeks to swap the phone for something else on the same wireless contract. LOL, looks like your stuck on AT&T.

  • infg3570

    F the S4! I need a real phone. HTC One or I just hold on to the plastic Sammy I have.

  • Im sticking with VZW and hoping the One comes soon. My Galaxy Nexus seems old and slow. I won’t touch the S4 – I want the aluminum build of the One.

  • james

    time to move to at&t

  • BackwardsDuck

    Is the announcement today? I got this reply last night on twitter https://twitter.com/VZWSupport/status/337371998701355008

  • Deylune

    seems like this is all BS and it is never coming to verizon. Everyone is relying on one person which isn’t good. if the One doesn’t get announced before mid june, ill be pissed off and ill go for the Note 3.

    • tahpics

      because the Note 3 will surely be available by then.

      • Deylune

        im probably getting the Note 3 anyway lol

  • bhambravesfan

    I believe they want to sell a bunch of S4 phones they stocked up on before they release the One. It’s a simple business decision really. Kind of like apple not putting a date on the 5S, It will make people stop buying the 5. I just hope Verizon gets the 64GB and not just a 16GB since you can’t use a micro SD

  • brandon

    I cannot tell you how many times I have said this, but kind of what have you guys have been saying, they are just waiting to see how the sales go/ to wait when the S4 already comes out (just did for verizon) and then they are going to launch the One and crush all the sales.