Verizon HTC One poised to battle incoming DROIDS

July 19, 2013

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If you're still planning on picking up the Verizon HTC One, when it launches months later than on all the other carriers, you'll be doing so with a slew of other smartphones readily available. Big Red will have multiple smartphones available packing large HD displays and 4G LTE, including those DROIDs but the HTC One is poised to handle it well.

As far as we know, Verizon and HTC will be releasing the smartphone on August 1st. Well, if the latest leaked roadmap is correct. With that not too far away, and the only word from Verizon being about their new DROID lineup, we have a feeling it might be delayed, again. The leaks say August 8th for the DROIDS, and chances are the HTC One won't hit that August 1st date.

In case you haven't figured it out by now there's only one reason Verizon delayed the HTC One for months and months compared to other carriers. That is the Motorola DROID line. Verizon and the Moto DROID go way back, and as a result HTC got thrown on the back-burner, even while having arguably the best handsets on the market, because Verizon wants to push their new DROID ULTRA out first.


Next week Verizon and Motorola will be announcing the new family of DROID smartphones. The DROID Mini, ULTRA, and ULTRA MAX. To be specific, they'll be announced on the 23rd in NYC and SF. Sadly, we haven't heard a peep regarding the HTC One launch aside from "coming this summer". At this point it really is anyone's guess, but one thing is clear, the DROID will be front and center.

You can't forget the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S4, and even a few Nokia devices all pushing hard on Verizon. However, we have a feeling the same buzz around the HTC One isn't gone, and if you've wanted it and were stuck on Verizon, the DROID lineup won't change your mind. The Moto X is coming soon too, so we certainly can't rule that out.

In the end though only one smartphone has a 4.7-inch HD display with beats audio and stunning front facing speakers. Not to mention Sense UI, Zoe, and an ultrapixel excellent low-light camera, and that is HTC. Motorola will be bringing some strong competition. Competition that will be pushed hard by Verizon, but don't rule out the HTC One.

In the next week or so we'll know all the details about all of these phones, so what one are you most likely to pick up?

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  • alexxx

    Definitely the One for the next couple of years, altho it will be hard to give up the One X esp when with all the updates from HTC, its as fast as anything. What am I saying, stereo speakers blow everything out of the way.

  • Iphoneadopteer

    Htc one coming sept not aug.

  • Tomorego

    HTC One is coming August 1st to Verizon, according to the most reliable information leak so far. However, there is no contest here. HTC One is far superior to any Droid line phone. Motorola doesn’t even care for this new Droid line up and I’m sure this will be the last iteration. Verizon should put the Droid branding to bed and focus on the service their customers are actually paying for, the network.

  • SmallPenis

    Talked to a VZW rep yesterday and he pulled his sheet up on the computer. “First week of august” So the 1st I would imagine.

  • Brittany

    I honestly don’t think droid phones are that great. I had the first one and there were more damn problems with it. It was horrible. I got the HTC thunderbolt really late, maybe before it actually got taken off of Verizon and it has been the best phone I’ve ever owned. I like how customizable it is and I never had anything internally wrong with it. That’s why I’m wait for the One to come to Verizon. I trust HTC…

  • Alexander

    Aww so the saga continues on the eternal waiting game Verizon is playing with their customers. It never fails to amaze me how tone def one company can be. Here we have 2013’s best smartphone by FAR and Verizon at first refuses to carry said device then back pedals and announces it and walks away. All because they want to push their own effing POS droid branded products. The HTC One is a magnificent phone and the best I’ve used. Verizon continues to falsely think people won’t leave them because of their sub-par phone selection, well guess what? I did and am NEVER returning until you stop playing these games and offer the latest superphones in a timely manner. I’m guessing I’m not the only either you will lose, their mishandling of this whole debacle is shameful, and if I were HTC I would never make another phone for Verizon ever again. LTE? Guess what Verizon you’re not the only game in town anymore and AT&Ts LTE network is twice the speed where I live. My advice to all those still waiting is you don’t have to take this nonsense take your business elsewhere.

    • rjb

      I followed this phone from its inception until its release. I gave Verizon a month back in April. Their practices are a joke! ATT has improved dramatically, and i have used the ONE across the country with no signal issues. I will stay with them. I have more than had enough of Verizon’s games. The may have a strong network, but others are catching up. I will not return as a customer at all. The HTC ONE is, by far, the best phone I have ever owned!

  • dblock

    Droid garbage!!!

  • Bandit the Dog

    I pay Verizon way to much to have them not offer me the HTC One ASAP.
    If I can verify that AT&T is 4gLTE in my coverage area, I would quickly dump Verizon. They are close, but I am waiting MONTHS for the HTC One to stay on Verizon.
    I am VERY upset that their corporate finances dictate lousy consumer decisions.

  • Chris

    Rumor has it the htc one max will be out in September. waited this long for HTC one, might as well get the max with all the upgraded specs.

  • snsf

    I want the HTC One, but have been waiting and really want it before America’s Cup starts in Sept to have on site. C’mon Verizon…

  • Just as I thought… delayed