The brand new flagship HTC One could very well be the best Android smartphone on the planet. Even though Samsung might have something to say about that. While the device has launched across the globe on as many carriers as possible, the big boys at Verizon Wireless passed on it. We’ve heard conflicting reports on whether they’ll carry it or not, but recently more details have leaked worth pointing out.

Initial reports suggested the One would hit Verizon a month or two after all other US carriers, then conflicting reports claim Verizon will indeed pass on the handset. However, we’ve seen various tips and leaks leading to either an HTC One for Verizon, an HTC DROID DNA+, or even both. The latest set of code has many thinking Verizon might release both this summer.

The original HTC DROID DNA (and Butterfly) was codenamed the “DLX” by HTC, and lately we’ve been seeing a Verizon bound DLXPLUS leak here and there. Now here’s where more reports get blurry. Some believe this will be a follow-up to the 5-inch DROID DNA, but others are suggesting this will be Verizon’s HTC One with a 4.7-inch 1080p display and more.


The HTC fan blog HTCSoku recently revealed some leaked code showing not only the DLXPLUS, but two additional HTC Butterfly international devices. So this is why many believe these leaks are related to a Verizon-bound HTC One. Two international Butterfly models, and a One/DNA+ for Verizon.

For a reminder about how impressive the HTC DROID DNA was, have a peek at our full review. We could see a new DROID DNA+ successor in the coming months, but hopefully Verizon will straighten up and release the HTC One too. We’ll have to wait and see. What do you guys think?

[via SlashGear]

  • richard_no1

    I’ve just got an HTC one in the UK – it’s fabulous! Esthetically superior to the Galaxy S4 which I was able to compare it with in the shop. Verizon would be crazy not to offer it!

    • Guest12234

      Verizon is arrogant enough to do just that. Some companies are just so big and arrogant that they believe they don’t have to compete with their competition.

  • tonyZ

    I really hope they release it, hopefully in 4.7 in size. My s3 is cool but I’d get a One in a heartbeat.

  • LockeUp

    It better look exactly the same as the current One. Otherwise, FU Verizon.

  • Fu Verizon wish you would start losing market share so just maybe you would be forced to listen to the consumer for once.

    • I guess it could happen. I was a (then) loyal customer of Sprint circa 2000-2006 when their customer service and coverage fell apart. For a while Sprint was as good as it got until they lost the initiative.

  • Roxy

    What’s the point of carrying a “verizon version” One if it’s a blocky and hideous permutation of the original? Is the logo really necessary to splay on the front too? Geez.

  • C4talyst

    Have been on VZW for over a decade; considering leaving because they don’t have this in their offerings. The DNS doesn’t do it for me…I will miss their network, but I am packing an original Droid Incredible, and need to upgrade.

    • sd

      fuck you, no one is better than big red, move to tmobile and their shitty network

      • You have a strong point. Verizon’s obviously pulling their punches to favor other devices. I’m with Verizon and have no recourse but to wait for a punched-up successor to my RAZR MAXX HD. I just like the solid feel and performance of the last two Droid RAZRs.

      • C4talyst

        LOL…agree, they have the best network by far; just not the best devices.

  • nigga

    fuck verizon!