Verizon is rolling out a rather small update for the Samsung Galaxy S5. This maintenance update, which doesn’t upgrade the Android 4.4.2 version to anything more recent, brings a mixed bag of useful fixes and improvements. However, for some power users, it might be more trouble than it’s worth.

Software update KOT49H.G900VVRU1ANE9 pulls in a variety of new functionality and optimizations, but no new major features really. Apps like Caller Name ID and Message+ have been updated. Some apps have been fixed, like Memo no longer showing a Search icon when there’s nothing to search for in the first place, or Visual Voicemail working even when the S-View cover is closed. Some minor new features like a Downloaded Apps section in My Files and Web Search functionality for S Finder have also been introduced.

It may all sound fine and dandy except for the fact that some users are reporting problems with root after installing the update. It seems that some now have broken root access, with no way of getting it back, even via the famed Towelroot. There doesn’t seem to be a pattern to it though, as some rooted users are reporting that everything is fine on their end.

So if you’re an owner of a rooted Galaxy S5 on Verizon, it might be a good idea to hold off on tapping that update button. Verizon is unlikely to comment on such an issue, considering rooting isn’t an authorized process, so most of the work in figuring this out will have to be done by the Android community. On the other hand, if you have a rather vanilla Galaxy S5 instead, feel free to wait for the update notification or mash that System update option and enjoy.

VIA: Android Authority
SOURCE: Verizon (PDF)

  • what?

    No update for me

  • John Hale

    Am I missing something? Let’s see if I have this right
    Rooting – Process of hacking your own phone to gain superuser privileges within the android OS.

    As far as I’m concerned, carriers hate this shit… Governed by warranty, you do the same to your phone, it is (say it with me) VOID!
    So, these people are complaining that this software update, from the carrier Verizon, update KOT49H.G900VVRU1ANE9, broke their root?

    Am I on the right page here?

    • Barrett Jasper

      everyone knows that. What’s your point please?

      • John Hale

        Okay, you’re asking me?……. What exactly?

      • Barrett Jasper

        not asking a thing, just stating that everyone knows the risks of rooting. The post is moot at best is all.

  • Benjamin Stroud

    if i knew this dam update was gonna stop me from rerooting it with towlroot i would have never updated it

  • rich

    I unboxed my s5 and powered it up to find an uodate. So i unknowingly accepted it. I tried to root with TR with no luck. Am I wrong in thinking that a factory reset would correct this so I could still root?