Verizon’s popular Samsung Galaxy S III flagship smartphone is apparently set to receive its first software update sometime in the next few days. The folks at Verizon have just detailed an upcoming update that looks to resolve multiple problems, bugs, and a few connectivity issues too. Now if only they’d hurry with that Galaxy Nexus Jelly Bean update!

In the usual Verizon fashion we have learned of the update from their official support page, stating the anticipated update for their version of the Galaxy S III is coming soon. The update will bring the smartphone to build VRALG7, and one big change is they’ve fixed that pesky “no sim” error some have been reporting.

As you can see from the document below, other update details include improved connectivity, improved stability with Backup Assistant, Verizon’s remote diagnostics tool will be installed so they can fix any problems remotely, and even S-Beam is getting a little improvement.

When Verizon posts official update details to their support pages this usually means the update will arrive over the air in the next few days, usually in under 48 hours. It’s safe to say this update will be arriving soon, but who knows when Jelly Bean will get the same treatment. Recent reports suggests October so we’ll have to wait and see.

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  • bob

    what about the Galaxy Nexus damn you verizon!!

  • nexus

    The frickin S3 is going to be running key lime pie before the Nexus gets jelly bean. Verizon can bite me!

  • Paul

    Unlock, root and flash for the GNex guys. The ROM is out there. Do a bit of research and it is easy. Jump in to JB, you won’t regret it.

    • skeme98

      not everyone can do it… any y should they have too!

  • October for Jelly bean? Only in the UK for now.

  • viperstrike

    VERIZON SUCKS. Verizon I hope you can squeeze s**t out of a rock becauseyou will play hell getting the early termination fee out if me. Especially seeing how you LIED about the Nexus from the start and the POS phone can not even use the LTE data because it can not hold onto a signal or remain recognized by the POS Verizon system.

  • Android_Baby

    AndroidCommunity> Plenty of fixes…


    Verizon says there’s a grand total of 6. In this very small, one minute update.

    Back Up Assistant. (Which I never use.)

    A new Guided Tour video (“Help” for new users, that have never owned a phone before in their life.)

    Remote Diagnostics (So Verizon can better snoop into your phone.)

    SBeam (which I never use)

    NFC tagging fix (which I never use. And most of the world never uses.)

    Fixed “No SIM” error. (Which I never had a problem with anyway.)

    Wow. What a massive update!

  • Shay

    I just got the update. I had problems before with copy/cut/paste causing crashing, and now it won’t allow me to access my clipboard at all. Doh! I hope Jelly Bean fixes this issue.