Samsung’s brand new flagship Galaxy S III smartphone will be in the hands of hundreds and thousands of buyers starting late next week – except for those on Verizon. T-Mobile and AT&T are pushing their phones out around June 21st but Verizon has opted to wait until the second week of July. Today we can confirm they’ve pushed the date back, but only by a day so it isn’t too big of a deal.

Verizon opened up their pre-order lines starting on June 6th, and we’ve heard a a few rumors suggesting a June 28th availability date, or even June 5th. Yesterday though Verizon confirmed the July 10th date with the image you see above. Posting on their site that pre-orders should ship in time to arrive on the 10th. Verizon usually releases phones on Thursdays but getting it two days earlier on Tuesday should make plenty of buyers happy.

We know it’s only a day but after their page originally said the 9th we wonder why they changed it two weeks later. Maybe they’ve had a large number of pre-orders and will need additional time to fill the orders. The phone is quite amazing and you can see our review and plenty of coverage in the timeline below. Verizon will also be making their SGSIII global capable so you can use it while roaming overseas. Cool huh? Did you order the Galaxy S III from Verizon and are you excited to get it? Does the extra day bother you?

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  • Yes the extra day bothers me, but it’s not a deal breaker. I wish Verizon was releasing at the same time Sprint is shipping. I can’t wait to get my hands on the device!

  • Ayoungone

    The extra day isn’t a deal breaker. The new data package is however. I will wait out the 3 more months of my contract, then after 11 years of service, it’s hasta pasta Verizon.


    Fxxx Verizon and Their Greedy Bitch ass Boards
    ‘nough Said.

  • It was originally July 14th, then it moved to July 9th, then they added the day.

  • George glass

    The shipping date is stillnJuly 9th but for those who order after June 14th, the shipping date will be July 10th. We just received the shipping schedule yesterday .

  • Hawkeye

    Talked with a Verizon Wireless rep and they said the shipping date on the website is only for new orders. Those of us who already have orders for the 9th will ship on the 9th. I hope this helps.

  • mostlydigital

    Having waited (and waited and waited) for the Incredible one day is not an issue. Just glad I could grandfather unlimited data before the plans change. I’ll worry about it in two years. By the VOLTE will on the horizon and everything will change again.

  • Silent majority

    So are we getting it on the 9th or is it shipping on the 9th?