Interested in picking up the GALAXY S 4 on Verizon Wireless? Today the Verizon flavor of Samsung’s new GALAXY S 4 can be pre-ordered from one more retailer for those eager to get their hands on the smartphone. RadioShack has just announced that starting today, May 3rd, the Verizon S 4 is available to pre-order online and in store.

Best Buy was first to the plate with pre-orders for the Verizon bound GALAXY, then a few days later late last month Verizon officially started offering orders themselves. For those not wanting to take either of those routes, the nearest RadioShack should serve you just fine as well.

RadioShack also confirms the Verizon GALAXY S 4 will begin shipping before the 30th, and the actual device will be available to purchase in stores and online on May 30th, just like from the others. Sadly the device will be arriving a month later than most US carriers, but it’s worth the wait for those with Big Red.

With nearly 4,700 retail locations in the U.S. RadioShack might be the closest place for you to snag the new smartphone, so head down to your nearest store today and reserve your own. As a reminder, RadioShack also has a trade-in program offering up to $300 back for old devices, as well as plenty of accessories in stores as well. The wait for the GALAXY S 4 on Verizon is almost over, just a few more weeks. Check out our review below!

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  • Brian Parkerson

    How can you go about finding the 32 or 64 GB version? With the bloat Samsung has added to the S4 and not to mention what Verizon will add, the 16 GB version just isn’t going to cut it for me. SD Card will help with my music, video, and picture files but you truly can’t replace the convenience of internal storage. Besides, Samsung uses these storage options as selling features offered for this device, by all means, give us the opportunity to actually purchase the S4 with the larger storage option!!!!!

    • Wait until you see my next post.. Just went live @google-190faaf7abd83a202a996013de56818c:disqus . I think we might have a shortage on 32GB model, and the 64 is exclusive to AT&T for now. US Cellular announced they’ll have 16GB only.

      I think the 32GB model might be having some supply issues. Just a guess