Verizon Galaxy Nexus press images revealed

November 30, 2011

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I know many of you might think Verizon has forgot about the Galaxy Nexus because we still haven't heard so much as a peep from them regarding this new flagship superphone from Google. Apparently a few folks from androidforums were digging around the Verizon website and stumbled on the official press shots of the new 4G LTE Galaxy Nexus. Without talking much I'll just let you see the pictures below.

Last week Google showed us the darker and fatter LTE model and more details on that are available here. These official press images right from the Verizon website seem to line up nicely with previous reports that the LTE model will be darker and slightly fatter although it still looks quite sexy if you ask me. I just want one already -- and I'm not alone either.

I've been following @VZWSupport lately and this morning I saw a tweet that said an announcement would be here before the end of the year. That doesn't sound too convincing but it could also just mean the support rep has no idea, just like all of us. It appears we are waiting for Verizon to sell a few more DROID RAZR's and Rezounds and then they'll unleash the Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to the world with its 4G LTE. That is my guess at least.

Is Verizon teasing all of us that are patiently waiting? Or does this mean that an announcement is coming soon and it will be announced any day now? I was hoping we'd here something before November ended so they better hurry it up. Hopefully we hear something soon and when we do I'll be sure and shout it from the top of my lungs -- and here of course. Stay tuned!

[device id=1740]

[via android forums]

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  • Floss

    How many pictures do we need to see? How about a release date!

  • Cbudelman72

    It seems as if this is very similar to the release of what is now the Bionic. They blow up our expectations and then like a balloon with a slow leak they are deflating as time goes on. I personally don’t think the wait served the Bionic well it pretty much flat lined by the time they finally released it. And if Verizon really wanted to pick up the sales of the Razr and Rezound they would do a better job with their promotions. It was pretty sad on Black Friday and Cyber Monday for them to be shown up by sites like Amazon and Wirefly offering these phones at incredible deals. As much as I would like a Nexus I for one am getting tired of Verizon’s games and lack of delivery!

    • waiting

      I’m bettin that  it’s more like the S-II release!

  • Argonaut

    I have a coworker whose buddy works for Samsung, and he told me last week that the Nexus isn’t ready just yet, they’re still working out a few more bugs…so today I asked him if his friend had leaked him any inside info regarding a release date and he said “no one really knows…all I know is it’ll be before Christmas”

    Now, those of you who know P3Droid or at least follow him on Twitter (@P3Droid) should recall that he told us months ago (that’s right, months ago) “think Turkey to Santa, probably more like Santa”…so, this seems to line up if you ask me. Just be patient, enjoy your current device(s) and we will all hopefully be loving our very own G-Nex very soon 🙂

  • Tross0515

    Really getting tired of waiting. If they keep having so called “Bugs to work out” maybe This phone is a bad choice. iPhone’s looking better every day.

  • Ahavalove3

    They tease with more pics of specs and features. lol! I’ve seen what it looks like and know it’s an amazing looking phone. Just a little bit of reliable info is what I’m looking for. 

  • Blackninja504

    The faster vzw launches it the faster other carriers will get it. Not leaving tmo for vzw

  • LoveAndroid

    Hope the Verizon release will include the volume bug and flash fix I read about on

  • Jimsbrother

    They got rid of the Google name on the back and slapped their own name on there?  I am displeased.

  • Jimsbrother

    They got rid of the Google name on the back and slapped their own name on there?  I am displeased.

  • Jimsbrother

    They got rid of the Google name on the back and slapped their own name on there?  I am displeased.