So you ran out and snatched up a brand new Samsung Galaxy Nexus last night at your nearest Verizon or Best Buy and love it right? The device comes with a hefty 1,850 mAh battery that should last plenty long but we know there are some that want more. In case you didn’t know, Verizon is having a 50% off sale on all 4G LTE devices extended batteries and the Galaxy Nexus in included.

It might not be a huge increase but I’ll take all the extra power I can get in this 4G LTE, dual-core, huge screen world we live in. The Galaxy Nexus extended battery is 2,100 mAh and comes with a new battery cover like most — only this will add barely any size to your device. I’ve never used extended batteries because they always make the device way too fat but this is different. See for yourself in the accessory hands-on video. It adds a few millimeters at best and actually makes the back more curved and feels quite natural in the hand.

The battery is $49.99 on and in-store but once you add it to your cart the price will drop to $24.99 — they also offer free 2-day shipping and mine actually came overnight. Enjoy our hands-on video of the battery and accessories below.

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  • I added this to my cart and it did not discount the price. Hmm

    • Bethdb1

      Mine was only discounted 25%.

      • Head to nearest store as they are also offering half off. Mine had 4 left all for $25

    • hit update cart.. mine was regular price at first but a quick update cart fixed it.

    • Anonymous

      You have to sign-in with your account first, then it showed up for me.

      • I was signed in, but I cleared all cookies and tried again. Unfortunately, I get a 25% discount from my employer which was overriding the 50% discount. I’ll try to drop by a store this evening to see if I can pick one up there. 

  • Does anyone know if the NFC chip on the battery configures itself each time you swap out the battery? Or is there something that must be manually done each time?

  • Juan-Carlos Huizar

    deal looks dead. go figure. 

  • TheTomas Blank

    This deal is broken. Right before clicking to confirm order, the final total was for the full price battery. I spoke to the live chat person, who was unable to help, but called customer service who initially said she couldn’t see the discounted price, but when she asked others, found that they were getting many calls about the same issue. She ended up selling my the battery for 24.99 but it sounded more like an individual discount than a sale price.
    If you have this issue call customer service at 800 922 0204

  • Anonymous

    Yet another screw up in a screwed up release of the phone…local store doesn’t have any in stock, doesn’t know about the sale, and the web ordering says no sale either.  Thanks for the false hope of some savings! 😉

  • Rperlow

    I can’t even find the battery discussed online. I’m logged into our Verizon Wireless account…. OK, by searching just for “extended battery galaxy nexus” I found it. But it is only showing a 25% discount (like the other poster, employer discount), but we had to call customer service to inquire for 50% discount. Is there a promo code for this sale?

    • Bethdb1

      If you log in you will only get the 25% employer discount.  Don’t log on, search extended battery galaxy nexus and when you put in the cart it will be 50% off with free 2 day shipping.  My store also did not have the battery on sale.  

  • Rperlow

    In case it wasn’t clear, customer service was no help. Guy said they don’t tell him about any sales. Seriously, you need a promo code. Any help?

  • TheTomas Blank

    I just got a phone call from my local verizon store (from which I tried to buy a battery yesterday) and the guy said that the batteries were now showing up in the system at 50% off and that he could ship me one for 24.99. I told him I’d already taken care of it, since the customer service person I spoke to sold me one for the 24.99 price.

    Call customer service and don’t hang up until they sell you the battery for 24.99. The sale is real, there are just people who don’t know about it.

  • Tadashi Andrews

    Yup, Just went to local shop and got mine…50% off. 

  • the cust rep at my brick and mortar sold me the ext battery at 50% off at the time i purchased my GNex 9am launch day.

  • No dice – online, live chat, or phone CS. I’m just seeing the usual 25% corp. discount. Durn.

    Edit – I’m in N. Idaho, would be nice to know where these deals are popping up.

  • TechGuy-Tech

    If you really want a better battery then you could do a lot worse than go for the Samsung Galaxy Note as it comes with a 2,500mAh battery

  • will this battery work in the HSPA+ version of the nexus? and will the nfc chip work fine too (i assume its on this battery since its an official one)?

  • Dmt0123

    I can not get the 50% off price online either…tried to get the online sales rep to help, but they could not help me either…guess I’ll have to drive across town to the store to get it…

    Please hold for a Verizon Wireless sales representative to assist you with your order. Thank you for your patience.
    You are now chatting with ‘Sirmiracle’

    Sirmiracle: I’d be happy to assist you.

    Sirmiracle: Hello. Thank you for visiting our chat service.  May I help you with your order today?

    You: Hi! The
    extended battery for the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus is supposed to be 50%
    off online and in the stores…however, when trying to order it online,
    it does not show the 50% amount after going through the shipping screen,
    payment confirmation screen, etc?

    Sirmiracle: What price is it showing?

    You: 37.49 (before tax)

    Sirmiracle: Okay. Are you logged into My Veriozon?

    You: The battery
    is supposed to be on sale for 50% off ($24.99), then I get a 25%
    discount on all accessories through my group employee rate…

    You: Yes, I’m logged into my account

    Sirmiracle: Okay. One moment.

    Sirmiracle: Are you still with me?

    You: Yes

    You: I tried
    logging out of my account, and then just starting a new order for the
    extended battery, and it shows the price correctly now as
    $24.99…however, when doing it that way, I don’t see where I can log
    into my account after that to get my group employee rate?

    Sirmiracle: Okay.
    It looks as if that is the price that the computer calculates. What you
    could do is continue with that and You could contact customer care and
    have them refund you the money back if you would like.

    You: No, that is
    not the way it would work. The battery price listed by Verizon is
    $24.99…I would not be paying anything above that amount and then
    requesting a refund…I would be buying the battery for the Verizon
    posted amount of $24.99 minus my group employee discount
    rate…could you check with a manager to see how to do this?

    Sirmiracle: Yes,
    that is what they informed me. If you feel as if this is an error you
    could contact customer care and double check. I would never intend to
    mislead you with the wrong information.
    You: I’m not
    sure I understand why I would be asked to pay more than what is posted
    on your website, and then ask Verizon to send me a refund? The extended
    battery is $24.99, and my account states I receive a discount on all
    accessories…there is no error involved…Is there no way for Verizon’s
    online shopping website to make this transaction instead of having to
    drive into a store tomorrow?

    Sirmiracle: Yes,
    that is correct. That is why I recommend that you contacted customer
    care. This might be a website issue. As a sales chat agent I am unable
    to alter prices. I do apologize. I am only aware of the prices online
    and that is the price that is showing for that accessory.

    You: I
    apologize…I thought you were customer care…I’m still not sure I
    understand about altering prices? It is clearly posted on that the extended battery is 24.99 when I add it to my cart. It is only when I
    log into my account that it ups the price back up to the $49.99
    price…I’m sorry I bothered you…I’ll just drive into the local store
    and buy it…I’ve been with Verizon so many years and have enjoyed
    always shopping online, so I’m not used to having to be put out by
    driving across town to go to the local store, but if Verizon is unable
    to help me online, I guess that is what I will have to do…thank you

    Sirmiracle: I understand your frustration. What I mean by altering prices is that I am unable to change the price that it is showing you.

    • wow that was long. go to a store and pick one up

    • Terry Bu

      did you click on “select model” option and click on Galaxy Nexus near the middle of the page? It seems stupid but once you click on that, the $24.99 price and “Add to Cart” button will show on the right of the screen

  • treken

    Just got my extended battery with cover for 24.99 plus tax. You may need to add guest account to off-set a corporate discount, if not the corporate discount will over ride the %50 off

  • I heard that Mugen Power is about to release a 4000mah battery for this phone…I think they announced something like that on their twitter or facebook. Check’em here