Verizon Galaxy Nexus desktop dock available from Samsung

February 21, 2012

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Since Google and Samsung first announced the Galaxy Nexus we have been waiting for some official accessories from Samsung themselves, especially for the Verizon LTE model. Thanks to a watchful eye it appears is all set and has recently started shipping the desktop dock for the Galaxy Nexus. Looking at the compatibility list the Verizon model is clearly listed.

Being listed as the Galaxy Nexus i515 Pogo Desktop dock this landscape mode dock uses the 3-pin connectors on the side of the Nexus for wireless and easy charging. We have seen a few accessories for the GSM international Galaxy Nexus but not the Verizon model. Under supported devices the Galaxy Nexus is listed as "SCH-I515MSAVZW". See the VZW at the end folks?

More pictures of the new dock are available in the gallery below for those interested. With no HDMI-out option I'm a little sad but Samsung has provided an audio output for those looking to stream music, don't forget the Galaxy Nexus supports MHL either guys. The official Samsung Galaxy Nexus Pogo desktop dock will run you $89.99 but is currently listed as out of stock. We've reached out to Samsung for more details and hopefully will have one in for review soon -- if they ever become available.

Samsung link

[via Droid-Life]

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  • Xvsacme

    Is it just me, or does it seem like $90 is an outrageous price for something that does nothing more than the existing charging cable does? The dock blocks the audio port, so I’m glad it provides that port on the back, but for the “privilege” of using the gold connectors and holding your phone at an angle, the price is absurd. Time to pull out my box of LEGOs and build my own. =)

    • JustStan

      No kidding! I nearly fell out of my chair when I read that price. The phone itself is only $99.99 at AmazonWireless, (though I paid almost $300 for mine when it first came out). There’s no way I’m plunking down another $90 for a dumb dock! 

      I got a spare battery charger from Verizon ( that holds the phone horizontally just fine…and it was only $40…and included the spare battery and a y-adapter to charge the phone and the spare at the same time! I’ll stick with that, thankyouverymuch.

    • Braky

      And doing one with Lego doesn’t look like it’s hard :

  • Anonymous

    $90 and no HDMI? Made to fail.

  • Mappleget

    No way at 89 dollars. I would be happy to put down 30, but 89 for a piece of plastic, charging pins and audio out?  That hurts.   I always end up paying more for the accessories than for the phone.  Same this time it seems. 

    •  Yea I agree. $39.99 or even $49 maybe but $90 is pushing their luck

  • Are they out of their minds? First they screw us with a bunk car dock, now this? I should have stuck with motorola. At least they had decent accessories at a fair price. This is almost as much as a keyboard dock for my prime. Ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

    it’s not “wireless charging” if there is physical contact using those pins.