This is starting to get a little bit ridiculous. Apparently Verizon Wireless is experiencing another network outage and this time around it seems to be pretty widespread. A few days after the Galaxy Nexus launched they had a similar outage that lasted for more than a few hours to say the least — and this could be the same case.

We’ve had two major 4G LTE outages on Verizon over the past couple of weeks but on my end I seem to be having an outage on both 3G and 4G at the moment. This could be the massive amount of sales for the holiday season or just Verizon being Verizon as they have been lately. We are hearing reports that the network servers have crashed but cannot confirm.

According to multiple tips and our own staff we are seeing an outage in Vegas, Denver, Texas and a few other areas. We aren’t sure how widespread this Verizon outage is at the moment but will be monitoring and update as details come in. I sure hope these outages are secretly the cause of some background changes that will make 3G/4G trade-offs happen smoothly in the future — we’ll see.

Are you having issues or an outage with Verizon? Leave us a comment below.

Update: Network seems to be responding extremely slow and I do have 3G back as of the past few minutes with 4G LTE still being down. Looks like we are halfway back and most have 3G at least now.

  • Anonymous

    Looks to be okay here in South Jersey.

  • Jazzbeast

    I’m in Maumelle (close to Little Rock) and my 4g and 3g are down as well for my Motorola Xoom (several hours now).  I can’t even get edge or any internet connection.  I am at an auction and really need the internet that I normally count on here.  

  • down in Ohio

    No data in NE Ohio… got a 1X momentarily but that’s gone again too. Went out around noonish, it’s going on 3…

  • Shawn Fagan
    • Sandie

      This information explains to me what is happening across the country.   We are part of this huge solar flare experience. 

  • Namfam

    I’m in Holland, MI. 3g and 4g have been down past couple hours

  • Junk_box9

    Outage in the SF Bay Area. No data, then got 3g. About to call Verizon and request a month of credit for the outages I’ve been experiencing. I depend on my 4g hotspot as my internet and when it goes down, I’m without access to my important account information, such as business email. “Verizon, can you hear me now? I want a refund on lack of data service.” Maybe we should all call Verizon and request a refund every time it goes down. Maybe that would force them to hire IT personnel that can create a server system with proper redundancy to avoid such outages

  • Ktmpop2002

    3G and 4G outage today in Huntsville, Al. and have had to frequently reboot my Droid X to capture signal including WiFi since OTA Verizon “update” last week. Ktmpop

  • down in J-ville

    No data 3G or 4G in Jacksonville, FL

  • Will

    In Mpls/St. Paul no data for a while. Now 3G only.

  • Fastcompjason

    In Durham, NC (central state) and have no 4G and had some intermitten issues with all data a few hours ago. Just 3G signal but very low (maybe because of the building I am currently in, but seems quite a bit lower than usual)

  • Patrick

    West Palm Beach, Florida no 3g or 4g

  • Anonymous

    No 4G and intermittant 3G service on a Droid Bionic in Los Angeles.

  • Merlinzewizard

    No 3G or 4G in Louisville, KY

  • Patrick Flynn

    No 4G and 3G just came up again in Pittsburgh. 

  • Jcmorella

    no 4g in NJ. I only know this because I was in the middle of upgrading to a 4g phone and they cannot finish activating my new phone and they cannot re-activate my old phone. So I’m phoneless until they figure this mess out.

  • Guest-tkontn

    Both 3G and 4G are no go in Los Angeles.  Outage began at around 9:30am LA time.

  • zac

    3G is flawless in Denver 😀

  • Jleuen

    No 3g and 4g in Baton Rouge, LA….

  • Jwaters281

    3G and 4G lost in Richmond VA for a few hours. I have 3G now but still no 4g.

  • Jessica

    Orange County, CA—No 4g or 3g–Droid Bionic.

  • Yep in nw montana have been having 3g connectivity issues. Been happening since day 1 with my galaxy nexus. Hey verizon, take some of that profit you get from us each year and fix your towers.

  • Wdkstevens

    I’m in Ohio.  Have service now but last night for about 3 hrs. han nothing.  Not even cell service.

    I agree, Maybe they should reimbures us for the inconvenience…Lord knows they charge us enough.

    • Wdkstevens

      WOW!  I really can spell, just can’t type!

  • Adam

    No 3g or 4g in Cincinnati

  • Ladd Marshall

    out here in racine, wi. sometimes i get 3g but thats sporadic right now.

  • 3G is back for me in Vegas but 4G LTE is no where to be found. 

    I toggled airplane and lost 3G again.. meh!

  • Freida Dianne

    4G LTE out still for me.. browser keeps crashing.. NW Atlanta (Woodstock) GA ..started a day or 2 ago.. Bionic is my vice..device

  • Mike Marcus

    4G out in Nashville, TN  – My phone did not switch to 3G one person told be they where able to get 3g by turning off phone and then on.  Nexus did switch for me on a trip 4g to 3g but not this time.

  • Ssails

    still down in san diego both 4g and 3g

  • Sandie

    I am experiencing a 3G and 4G Verizon Network outtage.  I am in eastern pennsylvania.  Anyone else experiencing this as well.  If it weren’t for the internet, my phone would just be……a phone. 

  • Sandie

    Sandie here from Pennsylvania – outage continues with 4G and 3G….I have DROID BIONIC which has been great until now so something huge is happening. 

  • Paul

    I got my 4g device the day before the last outage.  I thought my new phone was screwed up.  I just got pissed and thought it was screwed up again. . . turning off power saving mode. . . resetting.  I am getting intermittent 3g but no 4g.  Ridiculous.  I’m in Dallas so we should have it rolling all the time.  Verizon really shouldn’t rush trying to get the new network everywhere.  I guarantee there is an engineer that works on the new network somewhere right now saying “I told you guys so!”.

    • Sandie

      Further down on the comments page there is a link to Fox News regarding a huge solar flare to hit the earth today…..possibly that is what we are experiencing…..

  • Lori

    IF it was the solar flare, then it would effect ATT, and all else. Only effecting Verizon.  Not solar flare.  Droid Bionic still out in chicagoland. Yet, no word from Verizon.  That stinks.

  • shae

    Omaha, Nebraska has been out all afternoon; spotty 3G

  • Amber Will

    I am in San Diego and went in today to upgrade my phone from an original droid. No one in Verizon bothered to tell me that there was an outage until I was done with the purchase and we couldn’t activate the phone. Now neither my old phone or my new phone works. If they had told me, I would’ve just gone back tomorrow. My old phone was working OK and I was at least getting data and texts. Now I have a new, pretty brick. Lame

  • guest

    no 4g here in oregon 🙁

  • dsct

    Out in Monroe, CT. No 3g on Droid Charge.

  • scott

    out in jacksonville fl no 4g and 3g is in and out on my galaxy nexus

  • guesst

    Out in Prescott, AZ droid razr 

  • JLeC

    In and Out of both 4g and 3g service in Santa Clara, CA on galaxy nexus

  • Nvsinbad

    add Phoenix to the list

  • Nvsinbad

    oh, yeah, on a galaxy 10.1 tab

  • I still seem to be severely struggling here.. weak

  • james

    I’m here in the Atlanta, Georgia area and the VZW 3G has been down more than it has been up. 4G has been nonexistent for the entire day. As of right now, I have no data other than wifi.

    James Wallace

  • james

    I forgot to mention I am on the DROID bionic. With all the issues with this phone, I wasn’t sure if it was the phone or the network.

  • lj

    Data outage in east suburban Phoenix – i.e. Apache Junction.  Samsung Galaxy Nexus.  Voice OK. Data on phone itself up and down.  Tethering not working at all.

  • Rayhummell3

    Droid Bionic    I have 3G in San Diego (ping 76ms/DL 1.25 Mbps/UL 0.7 Mbps) but no 4g, yet…

  • caty

    Outage here in Buffalo, NY! I’ve been trying to activate my iPhone 4S all day and still, nothing. 

  • Jay211

    West Side of Phoenix area is also down

  • Computaman17

    Yep in TN no 3G no 4G – 3 times in 3 weeks – WAAYY!!!! beyond ridiculous!

  • Ted

    On again off again in Sacramento Ca. Both 3G and 4G out most of the day. Probably the solar flares….

  • Computaman17

    got 3G back in TN. Yay!! .8-1.0 Mbps vs 4G 8-12….

  • Tyegreen7

    In Minneapolis… no 3 or 4G. Sucks.

  • Kpjunk_08

    Just bought the Galaxy Nexus and their isn’t 3G or 4G service here in Pensacola, FL.

  • Kdbutera

    no 3g or 4g all day here in Orlando. Is it related to the sunspot storms?

  • Kdbutera

    anyone ask Verizon about a bill adjustment?

  • Kdbutera

    anyone ask Verizon about a bill adjustment?

  • Popoki777

    As the saying goes, “timing is everything”. After 13 days of marginal data and voice signals on my shiny new Galaxy Nexus, I packed it up and took it to the downtown San Francisco Verizon store for an exchange. You guessed it, the transaction was completed and THEN I learned that the 4G network is down and it’s necessary for phone activation. So, after 6 hours, I have a shiny new Galaxy Nexus box with equipment inside that can’t even be activated. I’ve been a Verizon customer since the early 90’s and it sure seems like network reliability is going downhill quickly.

  • Asdf

    12/28/2011 – 4G down all day for my “hot spot” – 3 G is OK, but f’ing slow. I’m in LA area right now.

  • Lhays518

    I live in Carteret, nj  and i am having no 4g and 3g is up and down. Calls and internet drops constantly. Very annoying.

  • Demi55792

    Bad timing on my part? Just got the new iphone4S in mail, went thru Startup process…now my old Droid is deactivated, yet my new phone says “no service. I can access Internet, but, have no phone service. MPLS

  • Beach12375

    im in ohio and i just bought a samsong stratosphere and guess what not able to be activated and my old phone was already deactivated so im stuck sitting here with out a phone whats so ever

  • This afternoon beginning around 1pm- no 4G in Beverly Hills. Bionic would display ‘3G’ but it would fail almost immediately. Frustrating.

    Back home at the beach? 3G seems to be working but, I’m not receiving phone calls reliably.

    Glad I kept the old ATT 3GS and my Razr – they work great. Slow but great.

  • Tooswift4u

    No 4g all day and slow. 3d connection in Spokane WA

  • intermittent 3G in Albany GA all day long… Im not in a 4G area so no comments there… but intermittent 3G started around noon EST (lunch time at work)

  • Pandaguy

    I just bought a 4G hotspot and it”s completely dead here in Rockford, il

  • Robar

    Chicago, IL 4G down noon toll midnight. 3g wandered in and out again no reliable 3g signal fot data connectivity. Galaxy Nexus.

  • L L C 18

    I have experienced outages for way over two weeks. As well, Verizon has taken upon theirselves to download spywear, internet spam apps that are I feel are an invasion of my privacy. What I look up or at on my phone is my business not theirs. It truly angers me! I have had issues with Verizon for quite some time. I know this will definately be my last contract with them. I have a 4G Thunderbolt, that now is a refurbished one from what was to be per one of their tech support employee’s told me I was TO receive a brand new one. Once I called to question the refurbished vs the new one they apologized for my mis information but when they receive a phone back that has issues, that they make or made me feel like the problem’s I was having with my original phone was caused by myself. Plus one of many calls I had to make to tech support for another reason I just happened to question why my phone that I bought as what is called a High Tech 4G phone only 3G would appear on top of my phone, never 4G, the tech told me as he looked at all the 4G ranged area’s, IT was a list he was going by, living in Racine, WI., which is quite a big county. Not big enough according to the phone, living next to Milwaukee, I would have received that luxury. I told the tech it was really nice of Verizon to Not tell me. Nor other’s who pay higher charges for a phone they are led to believe is to be a 4G phone, yet we only receive 3G capabilities, smaller capabilities, not given the full capacity of the phone we are led to have, this including again the higher charges for the 4G, which is total BS! I could go on, but the Google Guys will probably leave me another naughty note tomorrow am for displaying the truth about Verizon again, yet nothing gets done. But that’s okay, hey, they aren’t paying my bill. If Verizon chooses to drop me as I have been threatened prior, and they have told me I haven’t been going by their terms and conditions and if I should get dropped I will owe them X amount….blah…blah….Atleast other’s can see or feel what one person, actually more, have and are going through. Thanks for reading my book guys!

  • The bid red dog.

    3G & 4G has been out most of the day. I have 2 bars of 3g now but 4g has been pretty non existen here in Detroit, Mi which actually is a 4g hot spot.

  • The bid red dog.

    Oh, and I have a Samsung Droid Charge 4g.

  • Ooczyk

    No 4g or 3g droid bionic Elgin Il

  • Wbifulco

    I am in ocala florida and have not had 3g or 4g for last 15 hours. Also my bars are 0-3 with constannt chamges. I can still make calls but its getting old.

  • Lee Pozek

    Still going in and out in Cleveland on myrazr

  • Jdo

    Bought our first smartphone (4G ReZound) yesterday, have not been able to activate it, because of 4G being done in Massachusettts.  Problem is old “feature” phone is already deactivated so no working phone until 4G comes up!

    • weak.. sorry to hear. Are you up and running now?

  • Mark

    The first time it went out earlier this month it was like half a day but this pas timethe 4g and the 3g was out for over 24 hours… I called VZW customer service twice but they said that it could be up by the next day (today). The 4g came back around midnight and had been out since 1 am the night before.

  • Joebrougher

    Pittsburgh no service till 10pm last night and intermittent service today….today

  • Jld320

    I am in NYC. I have experience intermittent service over the past couple of days. This morning I was out yet again. It’s REALLY starting to get annoying…

  • tstarr

    San Diego… Lost 4g (all data— no 3g either) yesterday around 10 am, got it back around 9pm… out again this morning.  I have the Samsung Stratosphere with 4g.  My husband has an old Droid 2 with 3g, and his data is working fine.  hmph.

  • CompguyG

    DeKalb, IL   no 3G for around a day and a half (we don’t have 4G yet out here).    Droid Razr

  • Anonymous

    Great picture. I think the bigger story here is that you managed to get three bars on your Nexus.

  • Killa18544

    Can’t get any signal on my 4g lte mifi. This sucks

  • Christopher

    Still no 4G in south Orlando, FL.  Very disappointing.

  • Walter

    Still no 4G for me in Boston, MA as well.  But then again, I have a Bionic, which means I pretty much get no data signal for one of any 1,000 reasons at any given point in time.  I’m loving Verizon right now.

  • David

    Still no 4g in NJ on my droid bionic. Been like this for at least a few weeks. Getting old

  • Lala

    Cant send texts or call people out of a ten mile radius. Lasting an hour so far

  • Lala

    In sd

  • Batman

    louisville ky. dead

  • San Diego Kid

    San Diego DEAD

  • That hasn’t seemed good signs for Verizon because on their network recently some cases of network coverage outage has been admitted. Verizon should need to fix it as soon as possible.

  • Jen

    Is anyone else experiencing a Verizon service outage today 05/31/2012
    ? I am in Flower Mound, Texas. I cannot make calls but I did get a text through.

  • diego

    Outage in San Diego right now – no text no calls on 3G

  • Me

    No service in Little Rock area 12/26/2012

  • sweetcat

    Out of service in Rocky Ford, Colorado!!!



  • Roy Dunn

    No service in nc either