News of the potential Android 2.2 update for Samsung Fascinate users has been quiet over the last few months. Well a tiny bit of light has been shed regarding this update, this time in an internal specs comparison sheet claiming the update will come by the end of 2010.

This spec sheet details when Adobe Flash will be available on the device, and you can’t have Adobe Flash without Android 2.2. Hopefully we will see the update in the next week, it’s definitely possible, but don’t get your hopes up.

It’s worth noting that on the sheet the DROID X is listed at having Android 2.1 installed. If you recall the DROID X was updated to Froyo all the way back in September, so this specific sheet could be out of date, but we will definitely keep our eyes open for the potential update.

[Via AndroidCentral]

  • beautiful work you done.

  • Joe T

    This also shows the Droid X as having 2.1. This is an outdated document, it does prove that Samsung has misinformed the carrier as well as the customers though.

  • Shawn

    I wish they would push the update for the Samsung phone out. Had I know that they where not going to do this I would have not gotten this phone at all. I am so ready to throw it in the street and hope for a car to run it over!!!

  • masamune

    Well it’s the 29th only 2 days left. I’m turning blue holding my breath…….

  • boyercs

    Yes its the day before the new year and no froyo update yet. I have figured out that misinformation is key for these vendors to keep that masses at bay, should of waited to get the droid x because at least motorola knows how to update their phones.

  • Un-Fascinated

    new year, same old 2.1. looks like they didn’t make any resolutions to satisfy their customers this year.