In a bid to keep its customers within its fold, Verizon has just announced a temporary promo that shortens the waiting period for Verizon Edge. Now subscribers who want to upgrade to a new phone will only have to wait for 30 days instead of the usual 6 months.

Verizon introduced its Edge program late July in order to give its postpaid users an option to get a new smartphone after just 6 months. Of course, they need to have paid off at least 50 percent of the device’s price, but it might still be a tempting offer, especially for those who often find themselves pining for a new device before a regular two-year contract is over.

At CES 2014, T-Mobile revealed an enticing offer to customers of other carriers. It will be paying for early termination fees, in exchange for switching to T-Mobile’s Simple Choice Plans. Verizon definitely won’t admit it, but the timing and rather aggressive tone of Verizon’s new Edge adjustment makes one wonder if it’s Big Red’s way of fighting back.

The 30-day waiting period for Verizon Edge is open to Verizon’s postpaid customers, so prepaid subscribers are sadly out of luck. New subscribers need to first pass credit checks before becoming eligible for the program. And, as before, those interested in upgrading to a new phone must have paid off at least 50% of the device’s full price first. Those interested in availing of this shortened period might want to make up their mind really quick, as it is just a promo that can end anytime Verizon sees fit.


  • Tony Merlo

    Wait, so considering you have to have the device at least half paid off, and then turn it in to get a new device, I now I have the option of paying about $300 to use a phone for one month?
    Sounds Awesome.

    • boonesimpson

      Yeah, I thought you used to have a 30 day return window incase the service was crap, now they want to charge you several hundred?

      I am so sick of VZW resting on their laurels, yes they get some great Android devices, yes they have a pretty good network with fast LTE, but they don’t care I’m a customer (business plan) whereas TMO is really making some interesting moves and WANTS my business.

  • Zachary Morris

    Too bad they don’t get any of the good phones/tablets on their network so that plan is fucking useless.