If you’re a Verizon customer, you’re paying a premium. Of the four major carriers in the US, Verizon customers pay the most, according to Cowen and Company. That may seem a bit slanted, but it’s really not. When you get into the metrics, it’s easy to see why Verizon customers pay more than anyone else.

 The results are for postpaid customers, and the dollar amount represented shows all taxes and fees associated with the account. They also encompass all types of plans, not just individual. the three types of plans — individual, family, and enterprise — mean quite a bit to this study. The sampling was of 1,876 US-based customers, and done in Q4 2013.

Industry-wide, about 68.5% of customers are on a family plan. With Verizon, that number jumps to about 72%. The same can be said for corporate accounts, where the industry average is 5.4%, and a full 7% with Big Red. From here, we’ll remember that though Verizon customers pay more, this reflects total bill amount.


Save for T-Mobile, which checks in at an astoundingly low $120, the rest were on par with one another. Verizon customers paid about $148 monthly, while Sprint customers were second at $144. AT&T came in third at $141, leaving T-Mobile comfortably leading (or trailing, depending on how you look at it) the pack at that $120 mark. Again, this reflects postpaid accounts, leaving T-Mobile in a bit of a gray area. Are there really postpaid accounts with T-Mobile anymore?

Getting back to the plan metrics, we’ll remember that family plans, and often corporate plans, just plain cost more. Verizon has more of those types of customers, so it’s going to reflect that the average customer pays more. Though Verizon makes some suspect moves, it’s not necessarily reflected in their pricing, at least according to this survey. Even if we did have to pay $7 more per month, we’d think the impressive Network Verizon has is well worth it.
VIA: Ars Technica

  • Truffol

    T-Mobile is definitely on the offensive in customer acquisition. Now they just need more commercials with the T Mobile girl!

  • I switched to T-Mobile and I don’t plan on leaving them for a while. For me, I get unlimited talk, and text with 2GB of LTE and unlimited 3G all for $60 flat. The equivalent plan with AT&T even after my 20% employer discount would still be ~$75. I have nothing but great things to say about T-Mobile.

    • PmC

      Same here! I’m paying ~$64 for my unlimited everything plan (500 MB LTE soft-cap), which is better than the ~$110 I was paying for a comparable plan at Verizon. I have LTE coverage both where I work and live with my Nexus 4, and couldn’t be happier!

  • dem81

    Of course Verizon costs more. You get more for your money though.

  • wcjeep

    Where I live, work and play Verizon is the only reliable signal. I would like to pay less. Doing so would result in devices with no ability.

  • ronjon400

    T-Mobile needs to hire “Nicole” from the wolf of wall street movie to do some sexy commercials.