Verizon confirms DROID RAZR Android 4.0 ICS update coming today

June 22, 2012

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Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich for the very popular DROID RAZR and brother the RAZR MAXX is here. This is finally official too. Verizon this morning has confirmed the update both online, and in press emails going out. For those who have waited through the leaks, rumors, and missed dates I'm happy to report it's finally rolling out as of this morning.

The update support documents have been posted on Verizon's support page as usual, which means the update is coming soon but Verizon themselves said this morning the update is rolling out today, June 22nd, to the entire DROID RAZR family. Motorola delayed ICS for the RAZR in Australia but it is rolling out and available now here in the US on Verizon.

Earlier this week the build was in beta, but now it is available for everyone and users should be getting the update over the air on their devices soon. As usual you can manually go into settings and check for updates if you'd like to pull the update and enjoy ICS right now. Along with all the features of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich RAZR owners can enjoy a new unlock screen, face unlock for added security, and Verizon even have announced this update makes both RAZR's the first 4G LTE devices to be global ready. Verizon confirmed many phones would soon be global ready and today the RAZR is the first to have the option.

Being global ready the RAZR's will be able to have voice and data service in more than 220 countries, along with an international plan of course. For even more details about ICS hit the source link below. It's about time this finally arrives. Have you already received the update and if so, how is it?

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[via Verizon]

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  • Franz Bowman

    Just checked at 11:59 CST and still says “No update is necessary at this time.”

    • Give it a few more tries. It should arrive soon as it rolls out

    • Only a few people are getting it today afaik… making sure the phone doesn’t explode and has no awful bugs. I believe larger swathes of the public are getting it in the coming days. From motorolla’s twitter:

      Some DROID RAZR/RAZR MAXX owners will upgrade to ICS this wk. Wider upgrades will deploy over the coming days. More:

  • Josh

    I get “no update is necessary at this time”

  • me

    I own 2 DROID RAZR’s and neither of them can ‘pull’ the update manually. Get your facts straight before you release that kind of information.

  • Asylumofhell

    VW support on twitter told me its comming out in stages will take 3-4 weeks yo hot everyone but we can do a manual update 10 days after today or July 2nd if we have not gotten it uet

  • nate

    Cory is correct. Any time updates like this roll out there is never an exact time of day and it is rolled out in batches, you may have two of the same phone and one will update in the morning and the other may not update till the next day. I’m having issues with my RAZR and i’m very excited but we have to be patient. Thank you cory for the update, 611 Verizon was unable to tell me yesterday when I was on the phone with tech team.

    • manually checking sometimes helps.. maybe try a reboot and check again

  • bobkungfu

    Not updating in Ohio yet and its 2 p.m.

    • nothing in the Cleveland/Akron area at 3:20pm. Not holding my breath either……. :/

  • steve o

    I have not received any notifications of updates for my RAZR yet. When i check for updates it says no update is available. I called Verizon tech support. He did confirm that it was released today but that it is being released in batches, but also told me it can take several weeks for all the batches to get the updates.

  • jason

    I am in Columbus, Ohio. No updates here.

  • Heath

    i was just on chat with verizon and they say no ics…..wth!!

  • River

    Im in wisconsin still no update getting mad

    • River

      Stop putting lies its 4:17 this is stupid forget it

  • pissedoffrazrowner


    Fuck you. Fuck motorola and fuck google t(-_-)t

    • Trolololol

      you mad bro?

      • bobby

        Wow what a looser using a term that was so last year yu should be ashamed of yourself

    • Clevenger23

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    • umad?

      You mad?

    • kram

      Wow, one’s vocabulary really does advance (or hold back) them… What do you think it’s doing for this idiot? Anyone?

  • tjtchambers

    Not 1 person has even verified that they received the update. Wow….they fooled us again …..

  • TheParadoxdub1

    I have a droid razr with bad esn, will I still get the Ota update?

    • corn

      no, stop stealing phones.

      • TheParadoxdub1

        Bad esn doesn’t always mean the phone is stolen, I bought this phone from verizon but I stopped paying for it veacause I already had a phone. Lol people assume the worst everytime.

  • Brandon Jackson

    Hey all y’all relax. The roll outs start tomorrow. Today was pretty much a soak test so only a few people got it. Tomorrow starts the day everyone can officially start receiving it

  • erick

    Nothing here in Chicago crime capital in homicides no sweet taste ice cream

  • Adam D.

    I’ve recieved the update, it was around 2pm in AL. 6.16.211.Verizon.en.US, 4.0.4 ICS. People need to relax. Its on the servers, its being pushed. Also, you can almost NEVER pull a major update manually during the first few days. Why? This update is over 350MB, the servers are constantly active sending out the file, there are only so many available connections available to the server at any given time. If all slots are currently active with downloads (which they currently are), and you were to manually check for an update its not going to tell you “Update available! Your position in queue is currently 15,682. Please wait.” Its just going to deny the request and say you’re up to date until you either check back when a connection is free, or you’re position in the automated OTA push becomes active. Relax. I have 2 RAZR MAXX’s in my household, one with the OTA pushed system, the other with the most recent leak used for soak tests. They are 100% identical: same kernal, radios, build date, system number, and even the instal files share the same MD5 checksum. IF you are that desperate for the upsate, google “fool proof guide to installing .211”. All needed files, including the OTA (listed as. 211 leak) and installation tools are in that link, along with idiot proof instructions. Again, relax, and enjoy ICS when you get it. It’s worth the wait we’ve endured.

    • trixi

      That’s a lie on iOS yu can’t get it right away one more reason why android is a piece of shit stolen os

      • Mike

        My friends dog is named Trixi, she’s an apple head chihuahua. Pretty sure she’s more intelligent than you are

  • jjordan

    I bet u got it….convienantly your the first person in the world who got the update

    • Adam D.

      Then you have a good bet… There are more RAZR MAXX’s than RAZR’s, and its public knowledge the RAZR MAXX is the most prominent phone on Verizon’s network. Verizon is America’s largest network. Now stop to think of how many phones in line for this update that is. Then think of how many owners don’t actually follow these kinds of things or participate on the forums OR news sites such as this. The people active in either of those with the update are going to be few and far between, and I’m just one. I’m not trying to pull one over on anyone, I could care less if anyone disbelieves I’m running the OTA. People have asked if anyone has it, I’ve responded. People are throwing fits and angry over not having it on THEIR phones 2 minutes after Verizon lists it as live. Just stating the reasons why most people active on the sites dont have it or arent receiving an update notice when manually checking. It’s live. It’s real. Some people have it, most don’t yet. Luckily for me I do, although until you have it anyone who says otherwise is a lying fool in your eyes. Ive told you how to get the actual OTA now if you so desire. It’s simple and very straight forward. Step back for a moment, think of the points I’ve given you to consider for why you and many others who are active on these sites haven’t recieved the OTA push and/or cant manually grab it. They’re valid reasons considering the sheer number of phones involved in this update and limited server allocation/bandwidth available for the updates. Screen shots can be given if requested.

      • john

        adam can you let me know how to get it???? you can reach me at

      • Adam D.

        e-mailed you

      • Email me at kelvenlee97@yahoo. Com

      • MIKE P

        email to me please

      • Shane S

        Hey Adam. Can you let me know too!? Thanks in advance.

      • jjordan

        Well u are one of the lucky ones…I meant no disrespect. I suppose I’m just frustrated I’ve been signed up in the Motorola feedback network since DROID 1 and have never received any soak test invites. I stuck with Motorola when there were better phones to buy on the claim that the razr would be updated soon after release. I’m just ready for my taste of the ice cream. No ota yet. Can’t grab it manually. I suppose I’m just envious

      • Adam D.

        Due to the number of help-requests I’ve recieved here for manually updating to the OTA, I’ve created a simple how-to page will step by step instructions along with everything you’ll need. Enjoy! com/site/manualrazricsupgrade/

      • Adam D.

        *there is a space between “” and “com”, you need to remove that

      • Frank

        .. I loaded ICS manually as your site describes. BTW great instructions easy to follow. The download said it failed but after reboot the phone reads the new system version but the android version still reads 2.3.6 Did I do something wrong?

      • Adam D.

        Restart the entire process while doing a factory reset prior to installing the update. Thanks for the compliment, and enjoy!

      • Ronald

        @3403dd25715d4d9a00a1b62cd50237cd:disqus Thanks for the great instructions. Like a few other posters I thought my phone was a brick and/or locked forever. Adam quickly responded to my email and noted what mistake I made. All in all I made a couple typical ones that were addressed on his website. Easy oversights, but if you follow the directions exactly, it will work. Running ICS since 9am on June 26 thanks to Adam. Thanks!

      • Brian C.

        Awesome instructions, easy to follow and worked perfectly…Thanks, I was getting tired of waiting for Motorola/Verizon.

      • Todd Munro

        one quick hint.. after the 1. finishes in Step #7,

        In step #8 , before you choose “Apply update from external storage”, run the “Wipe cache partition” Twice (2X) first,

        it seems redundant, but helps with avoiding an error with the /cache and
        dreaded “Error #7” … I had similar issues with a DX I put on ICS …
        Hope this helps.

      • mitch

        @Adam_D Can you email me?

      • H&Droid

        thanks adam

      • randy

        Can u e-mail me rsimms49@gmail.con

    • River

      I try to manually update it dont work. You may know if i have Gingerbread 2.3.6 on my droid razr will i still get Ice Cream Sandwich

  • burnas1x

    No update nj 7:04pm

  • W

    Just got message on phone indicating upgrade to ICS in the next week, and link to new features…in Boston

  • mike

    Has anyone gotten the update?

  • Yurka

    Now what about those with the Asia/Arabic bought imported phones? Im on AT&T with a Motorola RAZR XT910

    • Bobby

      What a looser yu have it on at&t

  • mike

    Do you think we’ll get the update at midnight?

  • nothing yet….

  • Adam D.

    Screen shots of the aforementioned OTA recieved today. Again, as said before, the soak test .211 “leak” is 100% identical to this build in every way, and has since become the OTA version. I have two RAZR MAXX’s, these screen shots are from the OTA updated one, the other is on the “leak” – essentially it is in every way on the OTA as well, it was just manually installed instead of being received “Over The Air” through Verizon’s network. Take it how you will.

  • zach

    whats the point of OTA if it can only update 4 phones at a time?? put it on verizon/motorola’s site or the play store and make it a real download. and whats the point of soak tests? final version will be flawless with zero bugs

  • Denzel

    Adam do you mind please telling me how to get it as well. .please

  • Adam D.

    Aforementioned screen shots available here:

  • Adam D.

    Aforementioned screen shots available here:
    s112.photobucket.c om/albums/n161/adamlee05_/RAZR%20ICS/
    Remove the space in DOT-com

    • damn you lucky man, wishing i was you right now

  • River

    Well its 1:02 in the moring in Wisconsin i got a 2.3.6 Ginerbread runninh my phone and really want ics. Im getting sick of waiting let us have it ahhhh.

    • Me too still waiting in the land of cheese…………………………………………..6-24-12

  • River

    Ive tried to manually update it like Cory said but it doesnt do anything

  • michman2029

    My wife who can care less about ICS got the update on her Razr this morning. I am still waiting. Unbelievable….

  • Maxx

    Downloading OTA right now. I’m in CA and it’s just before 7am.

    • Anthonyyy

      Dude what part of CA are you in??
      I’m in palm springs and I haven’t gotten it yet??!?

  • Joe V

    so, I got it this morning, only to have the update fail 3x, so I did a factory reset…and now I can’t get it again. My kids won’t come near me because I must seem like the angriest person on the planet right now. Frustrating.

    • RUSTY

      It’s just a phone, relax psycho.

    • Doubt it will work, but try typing this into dialer to checkin… “*#*#checkin#*#*”

  • River


  • They better hurry the ice cream is starting to melt already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Adam D.

    Due to the multiple email requests I have received for help manually upgrading to the OTA, I have created a simple Google-hosted webpage with all instructions and links to anything needed. It is very straightforward.

    Enjoy Ice Cream Sandwich!

  • Eric Hall

    Manually checking does no good whatsoever. When it gets pushed to your phone you will have a full screen notice telling you the update is available.

  • River

    Okay now this is ridiculous i try to manually update but it doesnt work. im in wisconsin someone help

  • kitty

    My husband called verizon 3 times and they each said september! September??

  • Dave

    I’ve been running 4.0 for a few months now. Got official leak almost out the box. Now I’m ready to move on to sweeter pastures like JELLY BEAN. I had the Gnex from release date. That was a great phone for everything except using it as a phone.

  • Dave

    Oops, ive been running 4.0.3 on my RAZR MAXX for a few months now

  • River

    Alright i have a question does GB 2.3.6 still get ICS 4.0.4 i have a droid razr can anyone tell me plz

  • River


  • matt

    Another good thing about ios….. when they release a software update its actually available…..

  • Brandon

    I put together my own tutorial on how to perform the official update manually on my forum, and I’m hosting the files so there is no need to navigate to any third-party site. If you want to get rolling with ICS now, check it out!

    • Adam D.

      Great job of copying my guide and doing some minor editing……..sigh.

      • Brandon

        Hey Adam, I just wanted to let you know that I mainly had mirrored a lot of your instructions to help the followers of my tech community/company. I have given you credit (and linked to you) on the bottom of that instruction page. Thank you.

      • Adam D.

        In that case alls good! Thankyou and enjoy!

  • StillNoICS

    Well, two days and still no damn ICS. Very sad…

  • Dan Sullivan

    We truly do live in the instant gratification generation. Learn some patience.

    • Brian C.

      its been over 6 months since ICS was released and the Droid Razr (according to Verizon) was supposed to get it shortly after…so myself and many others have been patient for months…just roll the damn thing out already…

      • Ur a homo

        It was not released 6 months ago. Get your facts straight.

  • RPak

    I tried the manual @3403dd25715d4d9a00a1b62cd50237cd:disqus suggested. It does the install almost all the way then says it was aborted…what gives? Phone is not rooted

    • Adam D.

      RPak and I have resolved his issues via email/skype. Updated my guide with provisions to avoid anyone else running into the same problem. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • RPAK

    so i tried the manual update @3403dd25715d4d9a00a1b62cd50237cd:disqus and it bricked my phone…it said install failed and just I cant get my phone to get passed the red “M” screen…what do i do now?

    • Adam D.

      Then you did not follow the the directions correctly. Multiple people I’ve replied to on this page have had no problems whatsoever using the directions I posted on the webpage. It is also possible you have a damaged directory somewhere in your recovery partition, but nothing to worry about! I can definitely tell you that your phone is not bricked ๐Ÿ™‚ email me at and I can definitely get you fixed right up. Im up late so whenever is fine. We’ll get you going!

  • Tuesday night still nothing…..4 days and counting….

  • Heard of the update since the 20th…its the 27th…still nothing…X๏นX

  • Mike

    27th Still nothing….

  • Eric


  • Mike

    Why even give a date and give everyone this false hope we are finally going to get this? Honestly think its a conspiracy…… damn you Illuminati.

  • Mike

    Hey Adam D., I followed your instructions and got ICS to load up fine and everything works (thank you so much by the way) the only thing im noticing is a little bit of unresponsiveness when I switch homepages or scroll through the apps, is that normal? I mean its not a huge thing just wondering.

    • Joe

      So if we manually update, when Verizon sends the update just don’t download it , or download it the same?

  • 7 days still nothing was this some kind of joke? if so well done…

  • 8 days and this morning finally it’s ready. after download and restart
    ICS!!! its wonderful as promised but one quid pro quo…it forces you to
    use 4g, I had 3g on to save battery life as 4g will drain the battery
    in half a day at best. and after a couple hours of playing, the battery
    went from 100% to 40% not good…had I known when I bought the Razr
    that the Razr max was a month away “BTW thanks moto for that surprise betrayal”

    battery life would not be an issue but there is ALWAYS a price to pay.. for ICS its battery life……….

  • Hooda

    Got my ICS update today. -Columbia, MD

  • Dulshan Kalpage

    Why is it always Australia, lol :/ hope they release the update ASAP although my RAZR is more than impressive on Gingerbread alone. I’ll be missing the cool homescreen and transition animations after ICS.

  • TBM

    Got the update yesterday (6/30) morning in Charlotte, NC. Looks good and only thing I’ve found so far that I don’t like is I can’t seem to do “Charge only” when plugged into my computer. They said Q2 and they made it (in a squeaker).

  • Beasterline

    My droid has never been slower im verry disapointed half of my apps wont even work now. ๐Ÿ™

  • splant

    Do not upgrade to 4 unless you want to lose most of your phone use. I did and have spent the last 5 hours trying to get just some of my phone functions back. Things like email, music, widgets, and some apps…gone!

    DON’T DO IT!!!!

  • steve harman

    Hey Cory,
    Thanks for sharing such a great information.Am looking forward for your net post .