Pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 started this morning in the US and some mobile carriers have already begun shipping to lucky first time adopters. How lucky is lucky? Some people happened to receive their orders this afternoon. A tip was sent to us that a Verizon Note 5 was received earlier in Brooklyn and another one in Chicago.

Apparently, we were told that carriers have started shipping orders as early as a couple of days ago. We don't have any carrier-issued Note 5 or Galaxy S6 edge+ yet so let's be content with our hands-on images for now. We know that the same boxes that the phablets came in with will be the same ones used by the carriers. Instead of new boxes designed by each Carrier, Samsung seemed to have decided to keep the "branding" as original as possible.

We only heard Verizon has started shipments of the Galaxy Note 5. No word from other mobile networks but we know T-Mobile will do so starting tomorrow, August 18, Wednesday. Last week, T-Mobile announced that it's adding the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy S6 edge+ to Un-carrier JUMP! On Demand deals. That was supposed to be good news already but some customers of T-Mobile USA were not happy that Verizon customers are getting the phablets ahead of them.

Preorders earlier today seemed to be not enough and so T-Mobile CEO John CEO said that they would be pushing the launch earlier than scheduled. Tomorrow, the Note 5 and S6 edge+ will be ready for sale beginning at 6AM PT--online only.

As for the #JumpOnDemand deal, the Note 5 will be ready this Friday. The new premium smartphones should be ready in stores across the country in the next few days. Actually, if you pre-order a unit online, you should know when to expect delivery as such information would be included in the checkout page. Be patient, your new Samsung phablet is arriving to your doorstep very, very soon.

See our hands-on feature on these two devices. Which one are you getting this time? Galaxy Note 5 or Galaxy S6 edge+?

[youtube PhEBCvQ85Vk]

VIA: SlashGear (1),(2)

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  • UO88

    What sucks about this is that for the people on jump on demand, you have to get the phone in the store. Ugh. I want my Note 5.

  • Robert John Hebert

    Where in the world is the first-class Samsung flagship phone with ALL the features: the Samsung Note 5 Edge? The weakling S6+ and Note 5 iCompetitors strutted-out on August 13th are going to take Samsung, following down the same well-trodden path as HTC, directly to oblivion. I’ll just keep my Note 4 Edge & Gear S for another year, thank you!

    I want to see in addition to all of the Note 5 features on a new Edge Note 5: 1) Exynos 7422 octa-core all-in-one frequency-hopping ARM chip ready for next year’s network speed increases and Android advances, 2) 10,000mAh battery, 3) dual SIM cards, 4) 256gig super-high-speed storage, 5) 4gig memory along with superior memory management, 6) 4X high-efficiency screen that uses 50% less power, 7) a physical camera button and much better camera software interface, 8) USBc port for superior charging & data transfer, 9) power button on top so I don’t accidentally shutdown the phone while adjusting volume, 10) more “medical” sensors, like blood-sugar, skin stress galvanometer, blood pressure, heart rate irregularities, motion-stress indicators, and software to diagnose dangerous situations, 11) highly improved and more Edge mini-apps, 12) stereo speakers on the front, 13) the wallet-cover in-the-box, the cordless charging base in-the-box, the Gear S2 in-the-box. I don’t think that is too much to ask for $1,000 dollars US.