Verizon accepting pre-orders for LG G3, shipping by July 17

July 10, 2014

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Verizon is finally joining the LG G3 party as they announced that they are now accepting pre-orders for the much heralded Android smartphone. While there is still no announcement when it will actually be available at their retail stores, the product page reveals that the units will start shipping out to those who pre-ordered by July 17.

Mobile carrier competitors, AT&T and T-Mobile had already previously announced when the LG G3 will be available and Verizon is the latest one to tell their subscribers that they can already start dreaming of the smartphone that has been called one of the best Android devices by several tech websites and gurus. For a 2 year agreement with Verizon, subscribers need only pay $99.99 to avail themselves of the unit. If they are already subscribed to Verizon Edge, they need to pay a monthly fee of $29.99 for 20 months, but with a monthly discount as well, depending on the data plan they have.

LG’s flagship phone has a 5.5-inch Quad HD screen with a 2560x1440 resolution, and that’s just one of the things that people are loving about the device. For mobile camera enthusiasts, they can look forward to the laser auto focus feature that gives the 13MP camera the ability to take sharp pictures even when there’s low light. There’s also the Optical Image Stabilization that helps reduce the blurriness of photos, even while taking shaky and action shots.

In terms of connectivity, since the LG G3 is XLTE ready, Verizon assures subscribers that they will be able to take advantage of the network’s 4G LTE bandwidth. Productivity is also a highlight for the latest LG device, as it has its own Smart Keyboard which makes typing on your phone a bit easier. It also has a Virtual Personal Assistant, because voice-activated commands and reminders are now the way to go.

SOURCE: Verizon

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  • Alexander Z Great

    Non removable battery is listed in specifications..error?

    • indianafanatic

      No – fact.

      • Alexander Z Great

        Your Picture isn’t showing. If your sending me a picture of the listed specifications saying it’s non removable don’t waste my time. I’m aware of what it says.

      • indianafanatic

        No, it was a screen shot of a confirming chat I had w/VZW this morning. Also received a confirming Twitter DM from them too.

      • Alexander Z Great

        That sucks. Can you email me pic?

      • indianafanatic

        Sent. You can remove your email address from your post now.
        ; )

      • Alexander Z Great

        I hope it’s a typo and the rep doesn’t know any better

      • Alexander Z Great

        Call Verizon if your wanting to

  • Laura

    None of the reps have any idea what they are talking about. Talked to two reps today who claimed the phone was NOT up for preorder and, in fact, wasn’t even on their website – when I had the order screen open right in front of me. Finally got the guy to navigate to the screen I was on and he claimed that since there was no actual release date, he couldn’t continue with the order. I tried about 2 dozen times to preorder on a Verizon Edge plan and was shut down with “processing errors” every time. Each rep I talked to in chat and on the phone had a different lame reason why the device was not available. One claimed he’d not even heard about an LG new phone being released. REALLY????