Samsung’s Galaxy S II is one of the mot coveted Android smartphones of the moment, but while Europe and Asia is able to play with the Super AMOLED Plus handset, North America is still waiting for its taste of overclocked Exynios. Now it seems US naming and carrier support has been leaked courtesy of a premature accessory listing.

According to the Wireless Xcessories Group, their silicone gel back cover will fit the Samsung Galaxy S 2 Attain on AT&T, the Galaxy S 2 Function on Verizon, and the Galaxy S 2 Within on Sprint. T-Mobile USA is notable for its absence; that could be because the carrier isn’t getting a version or, perhaps more likely, because aesthetically it is different and the gel wouldn’t fit.

Given the success of the original Galaxy S in North America, it’s no great surprise that Samsung is working with so many carriers on its successor. Of course, we still don’t know quite when it will arrive.

[via Pocketnow]

  • Albert

    Say it ain’t so, tmo! Say it ain’t so! If Magenta doesn’t get an sgs2 variant I may be moving over to at&the before the acquisition.

  •  Umm… those are stupid names.  I’m sorry, but they are.  However, I fully expect that the carriers’ marketing departments will change those before the actual release.

  •  I’m trying to decide to wait it out for this one or get the infuse.