US Cellular unveils new, lower-priced no-contract plan

January 31, 2014

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US Cellular has rolled out a new, lower-priced no-contract plan option. This one sits priced at $50 per month and includes unlimited talk, text and data. Of course, as we often see with the mention of unlimited -- there is some fine print you will want to know up front. In this case, the data is unlimited, but only some of that will be at high-speed.

Specifically, the first 500MB of data will be at high-speed. US Cellular points out that data speeds will be slowed thereafter. Whether 500MB at high-speed, with slower speeds after will work for you will have to be something determined by checking your current data usage. And to clarify, that slower speed will be 1X, aka, 2G.

Aside from the catch in terms of data speeds, there is also some restriction on terms of device compatibility. Details coming from CNET mention how this plan is only available with four devices. The list includes the Moto X, Kyocera Hydro XTRM and Samsung Galaxy Axiom as well as the ZTE Director.

The Director is the most affordable of the bunch, at $50, however that one is lacking LTE connectivity. Otherwise, the Moto X will set you back $300 (with rebates) and the Hydro XTRM and Galaxy Axiom are both $130 each, also with rebates. All that having been said, US Cellular does have plans to offer this new $50 plan with other devices, but they also have it listed as being a "limited time offer."

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  • Unhappy US Cell Customer

    Why pay $50/month for 500 MB of data before the throttle when straight talk offers 2.5GB before throttling for $45/month? Did US Cell even think this through?

  • wow

    T-mobile gives me 5GB before Throttle

  • Shelley Holloway

    im getting screwed but have a 2 year contract. oh well lesson learned.

    • lots3say

      Just a suggestion, buy yourself out the contract. Most likely it will be cheaper for you in the end if you buy yourself out and select a prepaid. There are sooooo many deals to be had, especially by prepaid or non-contracts. You might be getting “screwed “, but you are in no way stuck.