The Samsung Galaxy S II may have seen the popular update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich already in various markets in the world and the international version, but not the unlocked models here in the USA. By unlocked we mean the global (with the home button) international SGSII that some may have here in the US, are finally being updated this morning thanks to Samsung.

The update has already rolled out for many, and most recently for Vodafone UK, but today we are getting the same fate as the folks from Engadget got the update this morning. It appears to be a pretty hefty update coming in at 216MB in size, so might take a few minutes to download but will surely be worth it for the frozen Ice Cream Sandwich.

Almost all of the Galaxy S II phones have now been updated to Android 4.0 ICS, except for those carrier branded and tweaked models here in the US. Those rocking the T-Mobile SGSII, or the Epic 4G Touch will have to wait a little longer for something official. AT&T's Galaxy S II Skyrocket recently received a second Gingerbread update earlier this month, so ICS for that phone still seems a few weeks off at best.

Hopefully the carrier branded SGSII's get updated soon, but for now all of those with the international version should be enjoying the latest from Google.

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  • ScottKPickering

    About time!


  • Ratstarone

    Hello I have a rooted epic 4g touch running ICS 4.0.4 aokp 32, and it runs great. On issues at all, pure ICS.

  • ElViejo

    Absolutely what the Galaxy S ll needed. Its great and fast- Unlocked International model /ATT 

  • Randeec

    When are the carrier branded versions getting updated? 
    ATT GS2

  • raygwap

    Damn how long we got to wait i been waiting for to long gs2 T-Mobile

  • Ppiimpex

    “Almost all Galaxy SII have received the ICS update except the branded one in USA. ”

    I am from India and we have not yet received ICS update.

  • markefried

    I have a global Galaxy S II and when I go to Settings and check for updates it says that my Gingerbread is up to date.  I am on AT&T.  How do get the phone to recognize the ICS update availability?   

    • blaquenoise

      Use Samsung KIES. AT&T will not have the ICS update even if you are using an unlocked phone. Because this is a US AT&T carrier not the international one. KIES will recognize that you have the international version though and you can do the update from there.