UK retailer Carphone Warehouse has dropped the price of the SIM-free Google Nexus S. The Android 2.3 Gingerbread smartphone went up for pre-order in the UK back on December 13, with the off-contract Nexus S priced at £549.95; now, the Nexus S has been slashed to £429.99.

That’s just under £120 cut from the smartphone before it’s even begun shipping, and makes the Nexus S a far more tempting prospect. For more on the Nexus S, check out our full review here on Android Community.

[Thanks to everybody who sent this in!]

  • Cube

    Very good news – The £150 extra we had to pay (and that’s on top of VAT) over the US price was rather ridiculous.

  • Alistair Burns

    I just spoke to Carphone Warehouse sales having pre-ordered on 6/12 and they told me I will be sent a cheque for £120. Had to put up with a fair bit of Thunderclap Newman to find this out but good to know I don’t have to return and purchase again.

  • Useful to know, thanks Alistair!

  • Thanks for the info Alistair, will contact them myself to verify this.

  • I just called Carphone Warehouse and they are telling me this is a mistake and it will be corrected in the next 3 hours.

    If you order now, I believe they will have to honour this price, although they could get around it by claiming no stock.

    They also told me there is no sign of the stock yet, wasn’t it supposed to be released today? I’m guessing it will be delayed because of the weather or some other feeble excuse.

  • TrickyDicky

    I just called CPW and they told me I would have to return it and order it again before I got cut off – what a mess. Alistair – who did you call/speak to?

  • Mine has apparently been dispatched. No response to the e-mail I sent yesterday after the press release. Guess I’m going to have to call them up again and hope I get to speak to someone competent.

  • Got through pretty quickly and I’ve been told everyone who paid the original amount will be issued a refund for the discounted amount within 14 days to the card they paid by.