We are already expecting Canonical to release the Developer Preview of Ubuntu for smartphones on February 21. But it is now looking like that will not be the only announcement they plan to make this week. A new countdown timer has appeared on the Ubuntu site and it is set to expire tomorrow morning. Coincidentally, the Ubuntu countdown timer is set to expire at the same time as the HTC timer.

We are expecting HTC to announce the One smartphone, however the Ubuntu announcement looks to be tablet focused. Along with the timer is a brief teaser which reads “tick, tock, tablet time.” Given that it seems clear that we can expect them to talk of something tablet related. The question remains though, will this be an actual tablet or a tablet optimized version of Ubuntu. We believe the latter.

Following that train of thought, we would be surprised if Canonical had a release ready to go. Or for that matter, if they released a tablet developer preview alongside the smartphone developer preview. What we would expect is an announcement including some details as far as where they stand in terms of progress at the moment and maybe a demo. If Canonical does have a live demo, one could guess that a Nexus 7 would be involved.

This just follows previous talk from Canonical. In the past they have said that they planned to have Ubuntu running across all devices (mobile to desktop) by 2014. As for the Nexus 7 guess, this just goes back to the previous developer release which included an Ubuntu installer for the tablet. All that said, the Ubuntu teaser lining up so nicely with the HTC event is hard to ignore — especially when the latest HTC teaser looks to have a tablet.

[via Ubuntu]

  • Agmenor

    I would love an Ubuntu powered tablet so much ! All the more if it is really touch-optimized !

  • MotorolaFlexphone

    Everybody, just everybody on the planet has ego-ambitions to create “the new” OS/write code nowadays.

    Android #1.
    Blackberry 10.

    We have also real/plans of:

    Foxconn OS
    Firefox OS
    Ubuntu OS
    Facebook OS
    Meego OS
    Maemo OS
    Symbian OS
    Bada OS
    Baidu OS
    Opera OS
    Tizen OS
    Twitter OS
    Oracle OS
    Amazon OS

    Probably there ARE too much people that can write OS code and very few people/companies that really want/can INNOVATE!

    We need WOW, not a new closed and opened OSs.
    OS =/=3 million lines of code.

  • chris2kari

    I yawned so hard I think I hurt myself..