Joy to the updates! It’s hard to believe that there are any Android phone-like devices out there running anything under Android 2.2, but it’s true. Today we receive news from T-Mobile USA that they will be shooting out the Android 2.2 Froyo update to two of their devices starting on January 12 (two days from now!) and ending on February 1st, 2011 – ending meaning everyone will have the update by then. Those devices are: myTouch 3G 3.5mm Jack and myTouch Fender LE. Is that you? Are you just so totally pumped up?!

Of course the usual requirements, rules, and tips should be followed when updating: make sure your device is charged up, make sure your device is in a place where it can be connected to a Wifi network so you can have the smoothest experience downloading, and make sure you don’t dunk your phone in a cup of yogurt – it won’t help the update come any faster. Let the update come to you. Or watch Android Community every day and every hour until we get word that the update will be coming to you. That sounds awesome!

[Via T-Mobile]

  • Dave

    Drum roll, and the update for the My Touch Slide will be…………….when?

  • Chris Burns


  • yup


  • tj

    Why are the unable to give a date. Are they so inept that they have absolutely no idea when they can fix these issues. The 2 reasons that they claim 2.2 isnt ready for froyo yet doesnt take a rocket scientist to fix. Come on its not that hard to code for the correct parition… done with androids and tmobile im going to verizon ip4 here i come ;D ;D ;D ;D !!!!!!!!!!

  • James

    Will all the t-mobile my touch fender le customers get the update on January 12 at the same time? I been waiting for months and finally gonna get my update. So excited and heard about tons of features

    • a

      It is now found under the “clock” app

  • GT

    Wish I could go back to 1.6 on my original myTouch3G. The phone is now extremely slow and that is even after I removed 20 apps. I currently have approx. 50 apps on my phone and I use the majority of them regularly. I will upgrade to a newer phone soon, probably just get a rooted HD2 for now until the dual cores come out.

    Just remember, not all phones will benefit from 2.2.1. That is probably why Motorola is not upgrading the Cliq to 2.2, but why not 1.6???

  • Dahin

    I have just installed the Froyo update and now i do not have Alarm app on the phone like i did before. Anybody know how to find it on the phone or i have to download a new APP?