Two New Games for Tegra: Galaxy of Fire 2 and Hardwood Backgammon

May 31, 2011

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If you've been paying attention to the app previews and reviews we've been doing over the past few months, you've noticed that we've had a rather exciting run of games come to our desk released exclusively for Tegra 2 devices. NVIDIA's been working VERY closely with the top minds and most ambitious developers in gaming to move the greatest possible games to mobile via Android - all of them through the app called NVIDIA Tegra Zone. What's coming up next, you might be asking yourself? Why, Galaxy of Fire 2 and Hardwood Backgammon, of course!

You may be wondering why Galaxy of Fire 2 isn't already here. Why, when we got to see a rather close-to-complete build of the game back in March? First, have a look at that app review and marvel at the awesomeness of it all, then hear this: it's pushed back to June. Not so bad! You've just got a LITTLE bit longer to wait. You're gonna want to be grabbing this freaking thing as soon as it pops out:

[vms 471a70c1fd1b46033a75]

Perhaps because of Android 3.1 and 3rd party controller support they're re-tooling the game for ultimate fun!

NOTE we've got another game guide for Tegra 2 devices back here and note that most of those games are now out on the market. And they're AWESOME.

Next is a game called Hardwood Backgammon. Where otherwise there'd be no reason in the world for us to be posting a backgammon game, especially since there's been no backgammon game out for mobile or ANY platform other than actual, physical board game, this one's a doozie. Silver Creek Entertainment, developers of Hardwood Solitaire and Hardwood Spades, have created this newest vision of a mobile board game - high res graphics, shadows, dynamic lighting, all the greatest stuff! Have a peek here at a preview:

[youtube Hfx9vdk-oSI]

• Great 3D graphics with dynamic lighting and more
• Unique 3D effects with playing pieces such as the checker piece flipping or dice rolling
• Tablet-ready as well
• Achievements to earn
• Online leaderboard
• In-game purchases for more customization

Now we've just got to remember how to play backgammon.

[via DGamers]

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  • Steven Shults

    “especially since there’s been no backgammon game out for mobile or ANY platform other than actual, physical board game.”   Yeah, before making blanket statements, usually a teeny tiny bit of research is helpful, like, oh, say, a simple googling:

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