The new crop of ultra-cheap reader tablets have nothing on the Ubislate/Aakash, Datawind’s dirt-cheap tablet for the Indian educational market. In addition to the slightly updated Ubislate 7+, the Ubislate 7C will soon grace shelves and schoolrooms on the subcontinent. The only difference between the two is that the 7+ uses a resistive touchscreen while the 7C uses a more modern capacitive model – the same kind that’s installed on pretty much every smartphone and tablet out there.

Both tablets get a 7-inch, 800×480 screen, an 800mhz single-core processor, 256MB of RAM and Android 2.2 Froyo. The retail versions of the tablet bring the price up to the Indian equivalent of about $75 – still a pretty good deal if all you want is a slate device for some (very) basic web surfing and media. The Ubislate comes standard with a 2.5G wireless connection on top of WiFi, but users can add 3G with a dongle accessory.

The Ubislate/Aakash has garnered a lot of international attention, though admittedly nearly all of it is from the price. With government subsidies, Indian students can purchase one of the small tablets for just $35, and the popularity has exploded. Future models will reportedly even get Android 4.0 – which is more than we can say for a lot of smartphones and tablets around these parts.

[via TheMobileIndian]

  • Ok, I have listen about Akash more time, now I have planed to buy this tablet, cause it gives us better facility at cheap coast..

  • Ajay

    Both are on Android 2.3. Also, another additional feature in Ubi7C is that it has an internal flash memeory of 4GB. Besides these devices come with pre-loaded educational content and very useful applications along  with option of downloading thousands of free apps.

  • Ghosh_onkar

    AKASH is a new hope for all  students and low-income middle-class people of India at this internet age, who face difficulty to purchase computers and laptops from open markets
     despite its bare necessity in our daily use.  But mode of delivery of AKASH to the people is not encouraging. The copany(launching AKASH) should open its show-rooms for sale and service-centers to meet the complaints of the customers atleast one in each state(preferably in state Capitals).  Else it would be the invitations of Mr.Stork and Mr. Fox for lunch and dinner.

  • Dileeptripathi

    bahut   taarif sun li …. .kya kisi ko mila kya  akash tablet ……? roj hi  month change ho raha hai. ki agle mahine milega  kaun sa hai vo mahina ?.company se koi feed back nahi . sab bekaar ..

    • Rohit saxena

      hi! dileep. i think you are absolutely right!!

  • sonika

    it is really very bad, if you want to waste your precious money  then only buy this useless tablet.. it is of very cheap quality. So as a citizen i am suggesting you all please don”t waste your money on this…! BUYING THIS TABLET IS NOTHING BUT ONLY WASTING YOUR MONEY!!

  • Rajnikant

    very cheap tablet !!! dont buy it !!

  • Shweta sharma

    buying this tablet = only wastage !!


    sir please my akash tab order now

  • God Father

    Agar kisi Ko mile ubislate 7 ya 7+ to jara update kare

  • Harvi

    I think that we should not compare this device with High end expensive tabs, i agree with
    , this product is for those who at present cant afford any internet enabled comms device. And most of us looking to these web pages may not belong to that gorup so all argument against this product is waste of time…

  • Sobhan

    Aakash is limited to Sky..One can see the the tablet in website only. It is not going to reach retail market. Models are superseding but the basic model is yet to reach the hands of Customers.

  • Anon
  • Sobhan

    Do not send any kind of cheques to Datawind. I sent a cheque and the cheque was encashed the same day. Till todate neither response nor set is received by me. It seems to be cyber fraud.


  • keshav

    mujhe ek aakash tablete chahiye call pls.9806571616