TuneIn Radio saw a decent update earlier in the month. That last update brought some new social features, as well as a new look and feel. Another update for TuneIn Radio has recently arrived in the Play Store, though this one seems more focused on fixes and improvements.

To begin with, the folks behind the app have brought back the Exit button. This one is simple (but welcomed) and means users can tap the three-dot menu icon in the upper right of any screen to exit. Just tap the menu icon and choose Exit. This update also added one-click play for the stations you follow in your profile (these were previously called favorites).

The other highlights this time around include an improved back button navigation in the drawer and bug fixes to help avoid several crashes. Other fixes include one for several of the deep linking issues and an issue with the sign-up prompts. Users can also go ahead and sign-up (and sign-in) with Google+.

The TuneIn Radio app is available from the Google Play Store. The free version can be found using this link, and the Pro (paid) version can be found using this link. Both allow you to stream audio to include radio stations, podcasts and more. The main differences between the free and Pro (paid) versions is the ability to record and the lack of banner advertisements (in the Pro version). TuneInRadio Pro is priced at $3.99.

  • 7inchsleeve

    I’m all for app updates, social and exploring new stations but with these last two updates they’ve made it so difficult to play one of your favorites (now called following) that it’s almost not worth starting the app anymore. The main reason I come to the app/service is to play a station I follow and, since I follow so many stations, I have to click to My Profile, Following, More and then scroll and scroll and scroll — the app no longer seems to know about the grouping feature so everything I follow is thrown in to one big list.

    I sure hope they get this figured out.

  • Paul

    It seems to be overlooked everywhere, but the latest update fails to even discuss why they are reading your contacts (…and doing what with them?) in their new permission(s).

    I paid for the pro version… I’m shocked to have to deal with these kind of shady practices usually reserved for morally bereft ‘freeware’ providers.

  • Caitlin Bestler

    The addition of Contacts access permission was a killer for me. Even though I had used the app that very morning, I uninstalled it.

  • William

    Like others, I have uninstalled TuneIn. Accessing my contacts was a deal breaker.

  • richcolour

    I won’t update until they remove the Read Contacts permission. I paid for the Pro so I don’t expect them to read my private information.

  • Ray.

    Uninstalled due to reae contacts permisdion.

  • Paul

    Ooh, it gets worse…

    I contacted them as to why they wanted to read my contacts and my google account info. They sent me a link to their privacy and sharing info page. Sooooooo, it is all but confirmed they want to sell your contacts, and possibly your Google account info (they could make a little bit on the black market for accounts with valid credit card information, I suppose).

    Thanks but no thanks.