With a good week or two left before the rumored end of year production schedule, Toshiba has announced the availability of its TransferJet product. This pair of USB and micro-USB sticks is supposed to be Toshiba’s answer to the problem of quick and easy transfer of files between a mobile device and a computer, but it has its own quirks that might make it even less feasible.

It’s been almost a whole year since Toshiba first unveiled this wireless transfer technology at CES 2013 in the beginning of the year. It appeared in a more refined version in early October at CEATEC in Japan. In concept, it utilizes wireless technology to quickly and conveniently transfer files between a computer with a regular USB port and a mobile device, particularly an Android one, with a micro-USB port without fumbling around with cables. Unfortunately, there are a few caveats to the the whole thing that makes this solution less than perfect.

For one, the device compatibility is a bit limited. On the computer side, it requires Windows 7 or 8, which will leave Mac and Linux users out in the cold. On the mobile side, it only works with Android, and not all Android devices but only those running Android 4.0 or higher. But more importantly, the “wireless” aspect of the sticks isn’t all that Toshiba makes it out to be. Unlike Bluetooth, it requires a much closer proximity between the two sticks, almost within NFC distances. On the other hand, unlike NFC or other wireless transfer alternatives, it does allow transfers or large data at faster rates.

The Toshiba TransferJet sticks are available in Japan for around $38. At the moment, there is no word on when it will be made available in international markets.

VIA: VR-Zone

  • JeTDoG

    With USB Bluetooth adapters offering a range of up to 10 meters at half the cost (or less), I can’t see this product as anything but a solution in search of a problem. Toshiba is usually smarter than this.

  • RickM

    I’d agree with JeTDoG, a solution in search of a problem. Let’s see, what other wireless file transfer options are there? Bluetooth, DropBox, Box, SkyDrive to name only a very few. Heck, some of the online file sharing options actually let you remotely access the files from your PC if you didn’t remember to sync the right one.

  • eole

    @JeTDoG:disqus & RickM
    You missed 2 important points:
    1) Bandwidth: TransferJet runs at 560Mbps while with Bluetooth HS you are in the range of 24Mbps
    2) Ease of Use. TransferJet doesn’t require any setup. Pairing is done automatically.
    Dropbox, skydrive etc. require network connectivity, which is sometimes not available or is congested (too crowded places –> low bandwidth to upload your pictures).
    For privacy reason you may not like to have some of your data up in the cloud…
    TransferJet I can transfer my pictures or video clips from my smartphone to my friends (or my PC) very easily and very fast without going through the cloud.