February 15, 2015

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  • ACE

    My transformers YouTube app stopped working today, then I read about the update, updated it, and it still doesn’t work, it will load up, but as soon as I try playing a video it crashes. I tried turning it off, force stopping the app, clearing the data and everything I could think of, and it still didn’t work.

    • bb

      Me either

  • Xuchongang

    Same here. YouTube works nicely before but not anymore after the update.

  • tagus

    like many are saying, youtube not working has nothing to do with the update. it stopped working for me yesterday when it starting playing the video, same thing as ACE mentioned. and the update isn’t even available for my transformer prime yet.

  • tfp

    Mine stopped working too!

  • Paadbroome

    Wi-Fi is much better now

  • Theanimation

    The Youtube app is still working for me.

  • Skizzy

    I am not crossing my fingers this will help anything. Still have mixed feelings about my Prime. Like it sometimes, then curse it….
    After trying several friends tablets, IMO the Prime isn’t anything special. WiFi stinks, GPS doesnt work, ICS has issues, my Comcast email only keeps about 2 weeks worth on board and if I want to look at older emails it has to “reload” them…..errrgh…..

  • Dragonah

    I’m not seeing much improvement in the wi-fi……dang.

  • Radev56

    you tube works just fine after the update, wifi seems a little bit better but probably some tests would demonstrate it. Also claims about performance , gps , battery  and other improvements…

  • guest

    Youtube working fine. Can’t judge the wi-fi as I haven’t really had a problem with it.

  • Glyn

    no update as yet but youtube crash for a day how working whats going on?