Time Warner Cable TV app to get remote streaming update

May 8, 2013

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Being able to stream your favorite television programs and movies to your mobile device when you're outside the home is a great capability. You might not always take advantage of it, but in those times when you're bored on the bus or at the airport and have nothing to do, being able to stream video content is welcome.

Time Warner cable has had its TV application available for a while. The company is now tipping that a "serious" update to the application will be coming to Android users next Tuesday. The update will bring with it a huge assortment of on-demand content.

The on demand content will include 4000 TV shows and movies. Users of the Android application will also be able to stream live TV and on-demand content to Android devices using older versions of the operating system. The app work on Android devices from version 2.2 up.

Some of these features have been available for the iPhone version of the application for a while. It's nice to see Android users finally getting some love and many will welcome the ability to stream video content when they're away from home.

[via Engadget]

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  • TomasHunter

    Thanks for the news, Shane. This sounds like a great app, and I give props to T-Mobile for making it available to people on other carriers. I might check it out when I get home from my shift at DISH. I just question the market for this app when so many people already pay so much for TV at home. The DISH Anywhere app is included free with my Hopper DVR, and it streams all of my live TV channels or DVR recordings. I already pay for TV, so I am happy that I don’t have to pay any more to stream my channels on my phone.