Themer is sending out beta invites, makes changing your device appearance easy

October 2, 2013

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If you’re increasingly unimpressed by the look of your device, Themer may be able to help. The app, which promises to make it easy to load a new theme onto your phone, is currently in beta. The Themer crew is currently rolling out activation codes to about 5,000 people daily, intended to make sure their servers don’t get bombarded.

For those not aware yet, Themer is pretty sublime. While rooting a device and loading a new ROM and/or theme can be tricky, Themer removes all the fussy work of having to download and upload settings. Just grab the app, wait for your activation code (if you want to beta test), and get theming!

It comes with a variety of pre-loaded themes to choose from, and there is even a method for building your own via the website. In addition to that, there is a pretty thriving community for sharing your creation, with nearly 50,000 screens uploaded to the site. Based on, which is an existing Android theming website, Themer intends to bring the functionality to the masses.

If you’re interested in the beta program, you can sign up on the Themer site now. If you’d rather wait for it to come out of beta, we don’t anticipate it being too long. For a better idea of just what Themer can do for your device, check out their video below, and don’t worry -- if you don’t like your theme, you can always go back to stock!

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  • Peter Blanco

    Good thing I got my beta code and it’s not compatible with my G2 -_-. How is that even possible?

    • Lenny

      can i get your code then? ive been waiting for a while for it…

      • Peter Blanco

        They fixed it and I used it. It’s good but it needs more themes. Sorry friend, you’re going to just have to wait patiently.