It’s the Simpsons, you can’t go wrong with them! Today Electronic Arts, better known as EA Games have released a neat new time wasting game to the Google Play Store. It’s called The Simpsons: Tapped Out and is available completely free as we speak. You’ll be playing Homer, who managed to blow up the entire city of Springfield.

D’OH! It looks like Homer is up to no good as usual, because in this new game developed and wrote by the actual TV show creators (and their usual comedy) he’s done his usual and messed something up. If you love those fun and time wasting games that are casual and easy to play this is one worth checking out. Especially if you’re a fan of the show, which I’ve been since I was knee high to a grasshopper.

Homer is busy playing a few games on his Android tablet (yes we’re going with Android) and manages to forget he’s actually working and causes a complete meltdown at the plant. This results in a massive explosion that blasts away almost the entire town of Springfield. Homer will then be set on a mission almost like the SIMS where he’ll have to regrow and rebuild the city all from scratch. Here’s a quick teaser:

BAAAAART! Homer will need your help to rebuild Springfield, find Marge, and get the crew back together. We first saw this last year and has been available on iOS for nearly a year, but as of this afternoon it’s finally available on Android. We sure wish developers would release games at the same time on both platforms. Is that too much to ask? For those that love the Simpsons, or just want a fun new free casual game to enjoy hit the link below.

[via Play Store]

  • mkkkk

    where it will be possible to download also in Slovakia ? Central Europe , tiny small country but anyhow in Europe Union :P, thanks for fixing this, I cannot download it now anyhow because I`ll get message it is not possible to download in my region, is it only for US market?:P plss

  • Maff Mace

    still not out in UK

    • vegiisan

      Or Australia. Wtf. 🙁

  • Too bad you can’t sync progress with the iOS version. Since it’s been out for almost a year and has tons of players

  • Kal2731

    Huge pain that there is no support from Origin to visit other towns or recover your iOS town for those of that made the switch to Android.