We still don’t know if Galaxy S III will be the name of what Samsung has been touting as “The Next Galaxy” but it has leaked again today in another photo, possibly showing us what to expect. In what appears to be a dummy unit we are getting another look of the device, most likely still under disguise and not a final product but figured we’d show you just in case.

There’s definitely no shortage of buttons on this device. If they do go with a hardware home button AND that huge on-screen set of buttons I’ll surely be disappointed. The photo can only be taken at face value, and it looks pretty odd with that yellow tape and possibly a fake screen-on image as well. Could this be the real deal? Sure. Is it? Maybe. You can clearly see the casing around the real phone in this photo below.

We’ve seen countless leaks as of late, and multiple reports stating the phone has a protective casing doubling as a nice disguise too (just like we see above) so we’ll just hang tight a few more days until Samsung shows the world at their event in London early next month. Even with the casing around the phone for a disguise, it still looks like it has a pretty big bezel on the bottom, bigger than the Galaxy Nexus.

Stay tuned for more details as I’m sure we’ll see more before the main event come May 3rd in London. As a reminder we’ll be there live for the REAL phone once it’s announced in all its beauty.

[via SlashGear]

  • datsvij

    why again a home button??


    And why did they switch around the bottom buttons? These manufacturer’s are annoying as fuck. When will Google’s dumb ass stop them from fucking around with the OS?

  • Guest

    Only 2 out of 3 images show soft buttons, 1 shows ICS’s on-display buttons – a bit strange

  • TDV

    That looks nice. But it seems like the “leaks” are getting more and more frequent. Seems like a new marketing technique.