Temple Run officially hits Android March 27, will be free

March 6, 2012

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Good news this morning folks. The team at Imangi Studios has finally announced an official release date of the hugely popular game Temple Run for Android. We've mentioned it more than a few times before, and with huge responses and anger when it wasn't released in February like promised. Sadly we'll have to wait a few more weeks but it'll be here soon enough.

For some unknown reason this game has achieved a huge level of success being the top free and grossing app for iOS in January and passing over 40 million downloads. The wait for this game to hit Android has been a long one but I can happy say that Android will be running from Monkeys and enjoying Temple Run come March 27th and it will be completely free.

Here is what Co-founder Keith Sheperd had to say:

We are excited to finally share the Android release date with our fans who have been so enthusiastic and supportive of Temple Run. By expanding to more mobile devices, we hope to provide the same addictive and fast-paced gameplay to an entirely new group of players.

So that's it guys. No more rumors or suggestions of a February 9th launch or whatever the rumor was that had everyone up in arms. This comes from Imangi Studios themselves and remember, if you see Temple Run in the Android Market before March 27th most likely it's a fake as we've seen a few of those the past couple of weeks.

Who's excited for Temple Run on Android? I know I am!

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  • not so excited

    when it reaches android, it’s already a has been with ios!!!

    •  We know it’s been on iOS forever.. lol

    • Man

      So many grammar errors in that sentence. I can’t even figure out what you mean.

      • jahjah440

        What do you mean? I can understand it fine.
        “When it finally reaches Android, it is already a has been with iOS.”

        What he’s saying is that when it finally comes to the Android market, people running iOS (iPhones, iPod Touches) will be bored with it.

      • Dloi

        just shut up.. you are just annoying. 
        Yay go temple run 

      • jahjah440


      • Man

        That was sabre you interpreted. I don’t know about you, but I like my language as clear as possible, so I don’t have to guess anything.

      • Man


      • Ohiugiug

        itz nawt 0ur f@ult th@t your stupid l0l0l0l0l!!1111!one.

  • BaCk3y3

    I was really annoyed when they said we will have to wait much longer than anticipated. This game will not be as popular now it has been almost 3 months. Many people I know who have an apple product have decided even after a month the same thing just got boring and that is why I think they should of released it much early even if there was a beta version.

  • Jason Kumar


  • Wakeupsid31

     fucck dem its cuminq out on the 13th 

  • brittany nicole

    i got pissed of from the fake release dates hoax. that is truly messed up. if this is another hoax. ill just give up on it.

  • Bangbangskitskit


  • Jamdude

    Nobody cares anymore, the app has taken too long to come out and everyone is pissed off with it, it’s your own fault, next time don’t tell people the app is coming out a month before it’s actually release -.-

  • I am the most patient “waiter” >_<

  • Raven27703

    Its pointless now. Everybody played it to death nobody really cares about it anymore. They should’ve originally created it for both the android and apple. Now i’m wondering if it will get as many downloads seeing as how it took what felt like centuries to be released. I myself am unsure if I will download this game I waited forever, I’ve been tricked and I’ve played it plenty of times to get bored. Although I was anxiously waiting for it to be released so that I may download it on to my phone, I now feel as though it will be nothing but a waste of space. So Imangi Studios, do you have anything new for us? I believe temple run may have finally found an end to its endless course. 

  • Teddybomb


  • Buttquack6025

    Damn you people bitch and complain a lot.

  • shan_007

    temple run….wait i have heard bout it long time back………any way who cares now!!

    • Man

      The thousands of people that I’ll bet a million dollars are going to download it.

  • Pebbyimi

    temple run is a awesome game on itunes app store so i cant wait till i get it on my mobile phone!!! 

  • Pebbyimi

    i might have waited a while and been very patient but i will never come off my phone once it has come out!!

  • sexy and i know it


    • Guest

      if your sexy then show us your photo

      • He is sexy… look at that profile pic!

  • Sandy3205

    wow first march13 now march27 glad it’s finally coming out hope there are no more delays it’s a really fun game i wish they would stop posting cheat guides and that kid of stuff cause the games not even out yet and it’s getting annoying having to play it on my mom’s phone!!

  • youngmoney 0502

    Let’s got temple run how much do we have to wait

    • Man

      Did you read the article?

  • 13jpgbass

    Is there any reason why we have to wait almost a month for it?

    • GB Blalock

      It’s less than a month idiot…

    • GB Blalock

      It’s less than half of month

  • Dianen510

    Is this a joke , we’ve been waiting for the longest , I miss having a iPhone

  • Charlenem 1224

    This is sooo not true.   The date has been changing over and over and over again!

    • Man

      Then how come thus one was posted on their official Facebook by the real Imangi Studios? Al other dates were rumors that you idiots decided to believe.

  • Charlenem 1224

    This is sooo not true!  the date keeps changing over and over and over again!
    when it first “released” i downloaded it and i was a false app!i had to rate it 5 stars and share it on face book before i played!so i did, after i did that, i still couldn’t use the app
    so on march 27th, i doubt that many people are really going to download it.
    no one cares anymore.
    anyway, temple run should have came out the same day as it did on iphones and ipods or whatever…
    this is starting to piss me off!

    • EvanGHD

      yeah no one cares, that’s why it’s spammed at the temple run facebook page:L

    • squirrelxbean

      thats why it says the offical release date on their facebook page?! all the other ones were them THINKING it will come out. damn use your brain

    • Man

      Yeah no one cares…except for the thousands of people who are going to download it and get hooked.

      • Kingcartel

        shut the fk up nigger

      • Pakalolin23

        fck u racist bastard

  • 123

    First it was February 9 now its march 27? How much longer do we have to wait android?

  • 12222

    Wtf, is wrong with changing the dates?!

  • Jaydenajohns

    is tht really temple run

  • 2132143214234

    is that really temple run


    game is not even fun anymore.

    • Liljimmy131


  • Opendoorpreacherboy

    how come the date changed so much the game is awesome and ive waited forever for it to come to android

  • Yeahbuddy9470

    can the people complaining about the date do a better job?, if not shut the hell up and read a book while yu wait. go do something productive for once instead of complaining damn

  • i know every one is in a rush but they have copy rights and many other things to do first the android system is totally different so stop moaning and wait we have to wait for alot of things in life and this is just one of them

  • MerclessQ

    Am just going to get a armv7 android phone and a ipod. That’s would be the best combination because it takes too long to get new games on android. You guys should get Run Like Hell for now.

  • Vgrandchamp

    so excited cant wait fir temple run i love it on my ipod but to have it on my phone would be awesome

  • Jake

    About fucking time

  • HayeBaybaye

    I like how Android gets it as all the hype dies down… figures.

  • Terry Moran42069

    Im fucking Ampped.!

  • avery garcia

    every tie it hits 0 it goes back to 6 days aint that some shit

  • Dustinbeaudet14

    March 27, that is still a quite a wile, but i guess i can wait

  • Deucelandry

    About fucking time but who cares about the game anymore ifyou have an ipod touch yiuve played it and dont give a shit typical

  • Tokish

    i do, i had an ipod and luved the game. once i heard tht the game was comin out i sold my ipod cause i didnt want it. thank you android, i luv this game and will always luv it now

  • Yourwebsitesucks

    And what reason should we believe you for notifications in the future.

    • Sixpackhay

      because i said so

      ya so huplaaaaaa!

  • I will laugh and cry at the same time if it gets delated again because I am going to get my first Android smartphone this year.

  • Rottingcorpse325

    This game is already dead. It’s 15 minutes of fame (a figure of speech for all you trolls out there) is already over.

  • Mrsjackson1027

    Not a happy camper on my phone said it would be ready a week ago and now its saying will be another week. They should have waited til it was ready

  • Volleyballbabe324

    I downloaded it & there was a countdown and i waited until it reached 0, and it didn’t work. I was pissed af. 

    • hookemhorns

      That was a scam app.

  • ieke

    nobody cares about this game anymore

  • Beth

    The Temple Run hype is over, should have released it the same time as iOS. Won’t get half as many downloads as it would have if it was released months ago.

  • Hannah

    Yay finally me so excited as dont have iphone or ipod to even sample people so god dame rude go hate somewhere where someone care if u dont like dont look no comment #stophatin

    • Frazier Skyler

      Ok first its damn not dame. and 2nd um god didn’t do anything to you so don’t really find that necessary saying (g.d.) does not make you cool nor does it get you anywhere.

  • Jordibaitup

    I wander if Imanji Studios have even realised that it was only popular because everyone’s mates were playing it. No one does anymore so its their loss far more than anyone’s that they’ve taken so long to get it to android. Most people have just lost interest now.

    • Mouse12193


  • Jordibaitup


  • Syed

    People calm the fuck down. Yes it’s finally coming out for Android, and sure it won’t be as big of a hit as it was when it came out for iOS, at least they’re releasing it. And I’m certain all of you bitching and whining are going to download it. BESIDES. IT’S FREE. WHY DO PEOPLE COMPLAIN ABOUT FREE APPS?!

    • Jonesjanice87

      Your stupid as fuck, shut your mouth if your gonna have something negative to say about the people who want to play it dumbfuckk

      • Frazier Skyler

        They have a point its a game and people are acting like its the end of the world. its just a game i mean ya i want it to come out too but I’m not gonna throw a fit over it so lets grow up a little k? thanks

  • few more days folks!

  • Drsolley

    will it be available on samsung galaxy ace ??

  • Vmarcovargas123

    are u kidding me

  • Beano0110

    bring it out on blackberry!

    • Blakekonrad


    • JimboTech

       You are aware of the major hardware and platform limitations that come with “BlackBerry” phones…

  • Jonesjanice87

    This has taken long enough! and when march 27 comes up, watch yall will postpone it again!

    • JimboTech

       Pretty sure Imangi are a team of two developers and one graphic designer? Give them some room, iOS and Android are two largely different platforms to develop for, even if they are both Linux based.

  • Stuartthomson1234

    Can’t believe these low lifes below me :L seriously it’s a damn Mobile app get a grip. I’ve been waiting years and years for GTA 5 to come out but i haven’t been whining my ass of about it. Think of it this way. Released early (incomplete and buggy) released when schedueled (Seamless and fun).

    • AyyeYoeu


  • Urnightmare

    its march 24th i dont see temple run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • MOHO


      • Urmom

        Using cap locks doesn’t make you any louder.  And if they are 5, which I highly doubt, you’d look like the biggest dick that commented on this.

      • hookemhorns

        Said the guy named “Urmom”

      • Kmormn

        ur a dick


    2)YOU PPL ARE BEING ****

  • Exilir

    The sheer amount of illiterates on this forum is insulting. People please, look over what you’re about to post!

  • Eliaslechuga

    The hype is gone. No one cares anymore. If it was released February like promised everyone would’ve been siked. Really no one cares anymore. I bet you’ll back the date up… again

    • Y_yabba

      1000% Agree.  Draw Something has takne over as the popular game now, no one cares about Temple Run

  • Joey 123


  • Noah

    I’m glad because I don’t have an iPod so I don’t get to play it that much still can’t wiat till it comes out

  • Egghunters_23

    is this available on galaxy y?

  • Davidpacheco

    i like trains and lick them at night

    • Davidpacheco

      also boobs

  • Saumil

    what time it will come?

    • Davidpacheco

      when i lick my train at night you bum

  • Saumil

    in india?

  • Davidpacheco

    tomorrow and i could play temple run on my android and lick my train

  • Alouis809

    Will it b out on the lg optimus v?

    • Davidpacheco

      all androis u bum

  • Akash_rulezz08

    Still haven release temple run….

  • guest1234

    midnight release?

  • Hungthai_88

    its march 27 2012 here in philippines but im still waiting to release the games for my samsung galaxy y…….still waiting….its 3:30 a.m.

  • Ashumittal Mittal

    Its 27 mar here in india .when temple run hits android market

    • UltraTempleRunFan

      it is out in india

  • abc

    it will release on U.S timings

  • Dackote

    who thinks it will never come out for android

    • Marlieboo101


  • Roboguy12

    The sad thing is with the mobile marketplace, is that this game will soon not be popular anymore. Developers need to release games for both platforms at once like Rovio, Halfbrick, etc…It expands the target audience drastically, while at the same time not showing up late to the game on the most popular platform (Android). I’m sick of popular games getting to Android later than iPhone games!

    •  Angry Birds didn’t do that the first time, but I do agree if they launch at the same time it would be better.

  • Captain

    well, what a relief. I won’t have to keep borrowing my friends iPod!

    • corey albright junior

      i know thats right ive took my friends ipod so many times just to play dat game

  • darkright

    gonna be more popular than angry birds space i bet

  • Exexex

    It’s 12:34AM WHEN IT’LL COME OUT???

  • Harry

    It’s probably done by American time so Brits and such will have to wait a bit longer…

  • Olivia Jewell

    hopefully at 12:00 !! im SOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^ 

  • Woahman

    excited! ive been counting down since like forever.

  • Aaronwint

    bet nobody can beat 7,000,000

    • Saketbramhe07

       already m on 2,21,19,377 😛

  • Jonathan_ferrufino

    Is it out yet?? If so wer e can i download it??

  • Rubyawan

    It will be available for Glaxy I I

  • Julianmadrigal5

    I don’t see it in the market has anyone seen it

  • Ej-wray

    its 10:33pm here and I’ve been waiting all day, but still no tr :,(

  • Armanihenderson97

    why doesnt it work for optimu

  • Pinkgirl_830

    y not yet find in market!!!

  • Joshramos925

    why is it not compatible for the LG Optimus S?!!!!!

    • Kobejimenez14

      Are you serious. ! I was searching for it on the web and I see your comment OMG you guys BETTER make temple run compatible for the LG Optimus S and ALL the other games that we cant play because its not fair.!!

  • Winni

    Y is it not compatible for Samsung mini galaxy!!!!SO disappointed after waiting for many days!!!

  • Mayra Garcia90

    Still waiting……

  • Joe Lotterdale

    It is 5:30 am (central) and I don’t see it anywhere!

  • templerunandroid

    Yes it is a huge disapointment but hopefully it will be out by 123$5:00pm for you cause I am 630 est

  • Katiekbrat

    Does anyone know what time it comes out I’m america. Its 6:48 and I need to play a FUN game in School. Help please

  • Chedarius

    its 6:49 in louisville mississippi and its not here

  • kaylon williams

    7;04 where im from and i havent found it

  • guest1234

    its on the second page

  • yabace

    Why is it my huwei ideos tablet is not compatible to this game. But my android version is 2.2v. Can anyone help me??

  • Jake Kandra

    use your task manager to close google play then reopen google play and search it; should find it, its down a bit

  • Eisamoore

    it eont let me download it

  • Incntrl2

    Why won’t it download on the Droid Razr phones?

  • Jalenfultz15

    Where the fuck is it at, i’ve been waiting years for this shit, ans it still haven’t came out yet, yaw mafuckers lied to us again, yaw fucked up

  • guest1234
  • crazy gamer

    wtf ive been lookin sience i got up i cant find it and i got the galaxy

    • crazy gamer

      i want the fucking game already

    • Salvocado

      Yea Right! I was looking all day in school, and I’m still not finding anything!

  • crazy gamer

    fuck this shit im getting a i phone 4

    • Leafrunner123

      Type in IMANGI STUDIOS TEMPLE RUN, it should be the third one, hope I helped!

  • Leafrunner123


  • Fball792


  • Bubuz123

    TO Leafrunner123 i don’t see it cause itz not their i meen yur looking at the trainer one yu dont have the real one ITZ NOT HIDDEN ITS JUST NOT THERE !!

    • Sendoh

      it’s there! thanks to leafrunner123.

  • Tazdevil75

    well that’s typical !! waited all this time and not compatable with my Galaxy Ace !! Bugger !! 

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  • Tierradeshay

    what about the android-huawei because its still not in my market =(

  • please make it work on lg gt 540

  • Dackote

    Yes please

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  • Sigurlaug2010

    The game dosen’t  come in my phone(Samsung Galaxy Mini)!!!!

  • Superman_llyza_25

    where can i get this? and can it play to my samsung galaxy ace?

  • Noodlespider

    How do I get it free like I got zee we

  • Angelshine1

    i need one

  • An interesting game would like to play it.

  • glee

    thuh! it didn’t work on samsung galaxy ace! i would rather download panda run rather than the choosy temple run (-_-)