Well folks, after the weeks and weeks of waiting, countless fakes appearing online and tons of anticipation the day is almost here. Temple Run for Android will finally and officially be available for phones and tablets starting tomorrow, March 27th in the Google Play Store, formerly known as the Android Market. As soon as I see it available I’ll be sure and shout.

The game has seen a huge amount of success on iOS, being one of the top paid apps and downloaded millions of times, over 36 million actually. The craze is as bad as Angry Birds fanatics, or worse. We originally mentioned it was coming to Android back in January and saw hundreds of comments and excited Android users but after a few rumors of February release dates earlier this month we learned the truth. Imangi Studio’s themselves announced it will be available tomorrow, the 27th and I can confirm that everything is still a go and it will launch tomorrow as planned.

Temple Run for Android will be free according to the developers but most likely will include ads, but for a game this popular I’m sure most wont mind. We are hearing it will work for most Android smartphones even older devices such as the original Samsung Galaxy S, and other older single-core phones so most users should be able to enjoy this supremely addicting game.

No word yet on exactly when it will be available. Could be tonight at 12:01, or be pushed to the Play Store sometime tomorrow during the day. We’ve reached out to Imangi and if we hear a time we’ll update with all the details and a link once it goes live.

So I must ask, Who’s excited? Sound off in the comment section below!

Update: March 27th at 6:00 AM EST in the US, for those wondering.

  • Guest

    Can only hope it will be on Amazon…

    •  ahh I didn’t ask that, but will be sure and check for you.

      I’d imagine it will launch on both, but I can’t say for sure.

      • Thecoco14

        It’s march 26 10:45 p.m. where i am so it probably comes out my time so hold your horses come on!!!!!!

  • Arialover


    •  Aria might be pushing it. Has a 600 Mhz CPU and 256mb of RAM. Can you play Angry Birds?

      • Nenetravieso813

        Not really I have droid 1 play gameloft game just fine it 600mhz if I over it which I don’t it can 1ghz to 1.4 ghZ. It 256 ram. All angry birds play same after you have 256 ram or more

  • Whyte0725

    I can’t wait!!!!!!! Hope its 1201 eastern time

  • Suad Suad Miyer

    I am super excited for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rodneyt22

    I Have Been Patiently Waiting For This

  • Elizabeth

    Yay! Can’t wait!

  • corey albright junior

    does anybody know what time it comes out

  • Mo_1245

    I got the samsung galaxy mini would i be able to play it? Thanks.

  • reecedj


  • Jerilleasor

    is this available in the philippines? because today is march 27th!! 

  • Kishen198

    will it be available on samsung galaxy s2?

  • Cody Bryant

    will it be avalible for 3G?

  • Karel Tum

    I hope it will be good on the galaxy note. .. Some games are shitty displayed :/

  • 0315963320

    Its 27th march now but I dont see temple rum come up in the android market ?

    •  27th in the USA

      • usa are like 8 or nine hours behind gmt its still the 26th

  • Darrel

    I have a lg optimus S will temple run work on it?

  • March 27th in the US…

    and 6:00 AM EST! Not Midnight!

    • Daultonspiker

      Hell yes

  • Bob

    Will it be available for a rooted nook tablet?

  • B_bal15

    will it cost money

  • Anand Jain

    it should be free according to estimations….

  • benh536

    will it work with a europa

  • Tansbsb

    will it be available for a playbook?

  • samsung europa mini

  • Reece90123456

    What time should it be on the market place in the UK?

  • fuck the uk when is ih in ireland

  • Reece90123456

    Shut up you bellend.

  • thats what i dont like bout the english the stuff ye come out with cracks my balls and the accent dont even want to get into dat

  • Reece90123456

    Haha what a bellend.

  • Billytochilly

    About frickin time. Can’t wait. And I am not over using that word I honestly mean them. Also android community you should start a campaign to stop discrimination against android so development.

  • Reece90123456

    “Stuff Ye come out with?” Haha grow up mate. Your on about our accent when no one understands the Irish so go into “dat” if you really want to.

    • Jack

      I’m from Ireland too, but I hate ‘scum’ like that guy who give us a bad rep.

      • Young Ace B

        It Doesn’t Even Matter How A Person Talks , It’s The Bullshit Tht Is Being Recognized From Their Filthy Mouths

  • johnny

    Is it available on xperia play?

  • how old are you watin for a childs game to come out on android

    • kupor

      Obviously you’re waiting for it too, or else you wouldn’t be here and commenting

  • Y_U_NO?

    2 words…FUCK YEA!

  • Ossaris Sum

    Lies you suck

  • Markzter97

    Why is it that temple is not yet in the market??

    • dean dea

      What time temple run out to market

  • Reece90123456

    Before you start speaking to me about that I’m waiting for a child’s game to come out just think what your doing on this page? I’m 16 and its a good game so what. So before you write something just think about it first you clown.

  • Darrel

    No not a child game my friend

  • Dman94509


  • Branden8

    why u arguin its so awesome

  • fuck all da i just want temple run

  • its out

  • no not reall i was  looking at temple runner

  • Anand Jain

    ha ha

  • Weemickmurray

    Hurry up…

  • iamcoom

    How about tablets? Motorola Xoom FE

    • Someguy

      yes its out for all devices

  • Anolahull

    Ive been counting down the days !

  • Ossaris Sum

    It fake …….

    • Jack

      No, it’s confirmed by Imangi Studios.

  • unknown

    not yet in market . fake ?

  • Tazdevil75

    tbh , enjoyed playin this on my gf’s ipod , but been waitin that long for it to come to android , has lost it’s appeal to me ……

  • Arnoldfland

    Lost all interest in game… sorry imagibrah

  • Ezraunice_David

    temple run is not in the market yet. its March 27 =(

  • Ssssssssssss


  • Dsadsadsadsadsahrw

    Stupid people, it’s not yet march 27 in their time and date.

  • Egghunters_23

    grr…. still no signs of temple run 🙁

  • Melissa Milla

    oh come on. it’s not yet March 27 on their timeline. so please. stop bragging. haha 😀

  • afhafh

    what time?

  • dean dea

    waw today templerun come out to market why not yet.

  • Jennina99ph

    im trying to look for tempale run and its not available i tought its march 27 maybee its march 27 2014 hahahahhahahah

  • Piopp

    Most likely march 27, eastern time

  • Kostickj

    Im staying up till 12 … but if it doesnt come out the and comes iut later in the fay i will be pissed

  • warrengoh13

    Searched but the app still does not appear in my htc incredible s. this sucks. they said it will be available today. android user from malaysia. 

    • Michelle Ann Luna

      coz it’s still march 26 in the US now that’s why.. talk about time zones.. ring any bells??? tsssss…. 

    • Naethan03

      dont act dumb.. it’s really annoying. think before you click.

  • Arisgailseemendoza

    Temple run for andoid…are u guys really sure they gonna launch it today?sucks of waiting out of patience….

  • shadow_fiend

    no temple run yet in google shit ..

  • can’t wait

  • shadow_fiend

    its january 27th on their timeline dumbass xD

  • 45min left

  • shadow_fiend

    are u sure sunhong?

  • its now 11:16 here in VA lol

  • jamie

    Temple Run still not available on Play Store on my  galaxy S II thats annoying …..

  • shadow_fiend


  • renz62

    everyone’s excited.. lol xDD

    • Cierakayediaz


  • Dev

    It’s been March 27 here in Australia for about 15 hours now. And you thought your wait was long….

    • Dadragon28

      hahaha that sucks man

  • Secano

    I heard they’re gonna release at midnight…Hawaii time…

  • Sam

    hi … i  am sam nd i hav come to india for vacation .. can anyone plzz telll me that when will it be released in india ??????????

  • I’m excited!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    • Cierakayediaz

      same here…..super duper excited

  • Dev

    Sam, it’s not split by geographical region, as soon as its on the Play Store, it should be available to everyone worldwide. The general consensus is that it will be released within a few hours’ time.

  • Hernanbeltran87

    iis it coming out at midnight?

  • Sam

    kkk thnxxx 🙂

  • iOsXgingerbread

    Most likely temple fun for Android will indeed come out as soon as it turns March 27th in the U.S. that doesn’t mean all of though just eastern U.S.

  • Secano

    UPDATE: 6AM Eastern time 

  • Sam

    btw .. dev can u also tell that at what time will it be released???

    • Secano

      The god damn article has been updated…

  • Secano

    Ok, the article has been UPDATED. Will be released at 6:00AM EST in the US.

    • Iguess


  • sim143

    Hoh only news

  • renz62

    damn.. now we have to wait 6 hours more…

    • Bj


    • Sonja Bain


  • Marvin Santos

    whew. . .cant wait!! grrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Cierakayediaz

    it’s just a rumor only

  • Marvin Santos

    whew. . .is it realy coming?

  • Aaronwint

    bet nobody on this page can beat 7,000,000

  • Whats the Time in EST?

    •  It’s Midnight EST right now. Google is also your friend!

  • Dryl04

    hindi totoo yan/.. mga paasa kau.. mga bwiset!

    • anong oras daw sa pinas?

      • Ian


      • Imarilemon8

        Is it day

      • Asdfgjkl

        It’s already out in the market(well actually google play)!

  • Ian

    6:00AM EST = 6:00PM LOCAL TIME / PHILIPPINE TIME. Don’t be such dumbasses telling this is fake. Imangi already said it’s coming out on the 27th, Yeah it is the 27th here in Asia but what do you think in the US? It’s still 26. WE HAVE DIFFERENT TIME ZONES.

  • Camille Peralta

    maghintay nalang tayo mga dre..

  • ChrmnGrc

    It’s 11:30 yet in USA

  • renz62

    tama tama… xDD

  • The game is already available on the Google Play Store. Check out the following link and have fun!

    •  Looks legit but doesn’t appear in search results. Let me email PR.

      Could have been midnight launch. Have fun guys!

    • Cierakyediaz

      it’s not compatible with my phone xperia

    • Sam

      which phone du u hav???

  • Sam

    its not compatible with my gt-s5570(samsung galaxy pop )   🙁

    • Cierakayediaz

      same here…

  • Deeps

    It says ” this app is incompatible with your Samsung GT-S5670″ 🙁 🙁

  • Deeps

    I have waited so long for this and now it says its incompatible 🙁 🙁

    • Dude i think they’re tring to fix your crap!

      • Mhmad_alove


  • YumgsellZ1494

    Noncompatible with optimus v :{….. I waited so long and its not compatible my phone

    • Vene0821

      Same here …. probably cuz we dont have single-core procesor

    • Sharisf94

      Same here, im beyond pissed off

  • Sharisf94

    Welp I’ve waited all this time for nothing. It isn’t compatible with my Android sooo i guess FUQQIT.

  • yabacee22

    is it compatible for 2.2 ver ??

  • Rachelle

    is it compatible with galaxy tab?

    •  Compatible with my Tab 7.0 Plus, 7.7, 8.9 and 10.1 so appears pretty compatible with everything so far.

      Only phone I see as not compatible is the Wildfire S. haha

  • Sharisf94

    Thats a bunch of bs, an android is an android they should have made it compatible for all of us, but Android cost over $300 what the hell thats not even fair.

    • Sharisf94


      • Your wrong, all phones are not equal. The game needs a dual core cpu and a decent gpu both of which you’ll find in newer and more expensive phones.

      • This is not true. The game runs fantastically on single-core cpu phones such as the Galaxy S.

  • VJ

     Is it available at Android market in singapore ?

  • Romeo

    Does this app work on Blackberry Playbook?

    • Sharisf94


  • dreme

    Its incompatible too here in galaxy ace.. 🙁

  • Sam

    WTF they have not made temple run compatible with all android phones ????? :I

    • Sharisf94

      and this is how i felt -________-

  • El_prinsesa12

    Tagal. 😉 Okay stay calm. Masyado pang maaga.

    • rexelicious

      ay naku d nga compatible eh…nakakabwisit tlaga..!!!

  • Sam


    • Sharisf94

      what in the world ???????????

      • Sam

        ya… because the y only hav more than 1 processors :'(

      • Sharisf94

        okay now im mad, i guess that means no temple run for me, not now atleast haha ohhh well ill live!! *Thank god for Angry Birds!!!!!!!* 🙂

      • Sam

        lol 😛

      • brian

        Wtf my phone is worth 300 and not compatible

      •  Only $150 short

  • michael

    Temple run is the shit! Can’t wait till this morning. High score is 7.5 mill, idk I that’s good or not.

  • Jason

    Yes!!! It’s compatible with atrix 4g

  • wale


  • Yeaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! It is compatible with my dell streak 5!! 

  • chloe

    Incompatible with my galaxy europa, incompatible with loads of galaxys. pissed off!-_-

  • Sguirguis17

    where did you guys download it from? it’s not on google play

    • Jason

      it is scroll down alot

  • Jason
  • Ashumittal

    just type imangi studios in play store.n u ll get the temple run

    • Cierakyediaz

      yeah but its not compatible with our phone :((

  • rexelicious

    i can’t see the temple run game in play store..pls help me to find it..

  • Brian

    Not compatible with my phone! t-_____-t

  • shadow_fiend

    is it available already here in the philippines? sucks man ..

  • PW

    Y isit not compatible for samsung galaxy mini??? >.<

  • renz62

    damnit… incompatible with Galaxy Y

    • rexelicious

      yah! fucking waiting to long…they said earlier that i would be compatible to any android phone..but isn’t.. 

  • Eikillu

    yayayaa siick gamee

  • Joe Lotterdale

    It is 5:30 am (central) and I still don’t see it anywhere!

  • Shivam Choudhary

    Temple Run on Samsung Galaxy Note


  • Leenkathcorpuz

    How about on galaxy y????pleaseee….

  • Crazysocksgal

    i am very upset. very very very very very very upset. so upset i cant even say words. IT DOES NOT WORK ON MY LG PHOENIX! D:< so upset. i am very angry.

  • Simond828

     was ist mit dem galaxy 551 und galaxy young ???
    pleast !!! es muss auch für die handys confortable sein !

  • игра уже вышла. здесь я качал – http://igry-for-android.ru/arkady/196-temple-run-android.html

  • Jilleenabrorwn

    It isnt on the market its the 27 th

    • blue94trooper

      Yes it is.

  • Houserocka

    This is some bullshit! Not available for Droid Bionic… really? But available for my old ass droid X …. 

  • blue94trooper

    Works on Droid Incredible.  Says it will work on my Android 4.0 HP Touchpad but haven’t installed it there yet.

  • Ashatay Jones

    this is bullshxt , its not compatible with my phone… the ZTE Score 🙁

  • rexelicious

    .hey imangi..the temple run not compatible with my galaxy y..you said earlier that it would be compatible to any android phone…fix it pls!! its unfair that some of the android user enjoying it while some are not…thanks..im looking forward for your response..

  • Kryptoknight426

    –I don’t see it at all on my samsung galaxy s

  • Nieto321

    Dayum I don’t see it on my EVO

  • Magsino24

    working temple run for other android devices, its the modded version of the original.


  • Rozyrozy3

    its not on my Huawei Assend II it says its not compatible……..

  • Magsino24

    download the modded version here


  • fuck android

    ATTENTION EVERYONE! They lied, again… to all those Samsung phone owners don’t worry, because its March 27 and its not in the market, so yet again they gave us a WRONG release date. thanks, i really appreciate getting my hopes up. means a lot andriod. 

  • Hakunencombo

    Google it and download. The market takes firever ti update

    • 478649

      I went to the goohle play store tryed to install it but it said my service has no services?

  • Tekwood614

    I love it .it works on my fone great but it keeps freezing on my husbands fone he got the s1 I got the s2

  • Jassiemhay

    Why it isn’t compatible with samsung galaxy Y????? Damn it!

    • Mhmad_alove


  • Fball7972

    Really not compatible with the Droid Bionic come on ive waited months and had to play it on friends phones/ipods just to playh come on!!!

  • Abrealharris

    you should put temple run on maylong mobility tablet 2.2

  • Coleen Trinidad

    ughhhhh cant use it they should done it with any android phone!!! so mad >:(

  • Jerard

    please fix the temple run for galaxy y tnx 🙂

  • Nia2Much

    i dont think they have it for my fone -_- :'( Samsung Galaxy Prevail??

  • Melydarlingg

    Fix for DROID 3!

    • Matt

      Go to goole and tipe in temple run and click on the 2# one. It should take you to screen. Click on download.

  • yabacee22

    can you fix it for Huawei Ideos S7 tablet. Please!!

  • Candyshalalala

    what the fuck. i waited for so long. but they lied again ;((

  • Chelim53

    last night i was able to download the temple run on my S2.. after 2 mins.. my friend try to download it also (she’s using galaxy S) but suddenly she cannot find that apps… its kind strange and we don’t know what happen. 🙁 Maybe they pull it back or something.. haha

  • Lisalocket50

    its not on my samsung galaxy ace !!

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  • Ge Nii

    I can’t find temple run 🙁

  • Ge Nii

    I cant find temple run on my T mobile Dart  

  • Aldrinorobia

    i can play it on my samsung galaxy y and when i get to finish the tutorial the graphics get worst and when.
    when the tutorial is done i die for no reason like falling to the sea.

  • Jmgsantos15

    bkit gnun sa galaxy y !?
    would you please fix that game for us who has galaxy y phone!

  • person

    I don’t have it on my phone!!!!!! It is a LG optimus!!

  • Raeannetan18

    I cant download it on my HTC ChaCha!! Argh!! >:(

  • 11buddy24

    Where did 5the $#%& thing go it isn’t in the store anymore!!!

  • Lccdancingqueen

    Is march 29th and still no temple run on my goolge play!! Please help??

  • Murr44

    Just downloaded it off the Play Store. Search Temple Run, it’s a Wi-Fi download. Installed and works perfect on my Xperia Ray.

  • Melime

    Cant,friggin get,it,on my samsung dart plz help ;/

    • Luhh_mahal

      i cant get it either !

    • Theeuglyduckling

      Me either! Im so mad >:(

  • Beanicoleladines

    I can’t download here in my phone galaxy y
    It say’s here your device isn’t compatible with this app.
    Please help

    • Matt

      What kind of pbone do you have.

  • Matt

    i enjoyed the game. I passed to 100,456. I think it was easy.

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  • Sophie HIckey

    i was waiting for soooo long to get temple run on my samsung galaxy ace, but its not compatible!! Is this a joke? I was counting down the hours since i first got my phone… please make an update where more phones (samsung galaxy ace) can get it, because I’m sure I’m not the only one! 

    • Hellokitty306

      I have same phone as you and i feel the same. I’ve been looking for a reason but i can’t find out why!!!!!!!!!

  • annoymous

    Need for galaxy ace T.T !

  • anonymous

    the samsung transform does not even show the game in the market plz update and add all phones and carriers. i love the game, but i cant find it and i have no ipod touch or ipad to play it on. and the graphics on the computer version suck horribly

  • Patriotsr Bomb


  • Dulahmalik

    where’s for galaxy young?

  • Arielle Fam

    hey for galaxy mini pleaseeeeeeee

  • Shaunamcgxox

    please  get it for samsung galaxy young!!!

  • Saywhuut

    Please get this app compatible with Galaxy Young!!!

  • Shayna

    GET IT FOR PANDIGITAL  PLANET 7″!! Pleasee also get text now!!
    p.s. How do you get Google Play to work on the Pandigital Planet?? thnxx 🙂



  • PDS


  • jafet

    Just instal the link 1 nd link 2 for galaxy y

  • fuzzy

     Please make it compatible with Huawei X1, Samsung Galaxy Mini, Samsung Galaxy Ace & Samsung Galaxy Gio

    Thanks 🙂

  • Prateek

    Please officially release the game for samsung galaxy y……we r desperate to play the game………

  • Prateek

    Please officially release the game for samsung galaxy y……we r desperate to play the game………

  • Unknown


  • Sheenamariebaja

    is there a temple run in the ipad touch pls answer 

  • Ryan

    Still nothing for Galaxy Europa…

  • Hotmail

    I was really hoping to get the game on my Samsung galaxy ace and I’ve checked the market everyday since they released it for other phones, yet still nothing…

  • Eric

    Please galaxy aaaace!

  • Keight

    Pls make it compatible for Galaxy Y !!!! :((

  • Pooh_james31

    pls make it compatible for my galaxy y i want to play that game badly!

  • ANdr0id PhonEs PhiliPPines

    compatible with android 2.2 froyo pls….

  • Arp Pancho

    When is it going to be available in Samsung Galaxy Ace?

  • natriece

    Plz help me how do i get it working for a HTC wildfire
    s plz help

  • pleeeeeaaaase

    Please make it compatible w/my Motorola fire xt :((

    • pleeeaaasseee

      That app. Temple run please!!!!!!

  • angela

    make it compatible with Galaxy Pocket 🙁 this is one of the best games in Android