TekTrak app helps you find your lost phone and protect your personal data


If you are anything like me, you might lose your smartphone quite a bit. I generally lose mine around the house and more often than not, it has slipped off the arm of the couch and between the cushions. Other times my wife has put a bunch of junk on top of it in an apparent attempt to drive me crazy. The TekTrak app will help you find your phone in your house or anywhere else if you lose it.

Using the app you can locate your smartphone using the aGPS tech on the device within a few minutes. You can find the devices last known location, which is a good thing if the phone is lost and the battery goes dead. The app can also make the phone ring remotely. You can also remotely lock or unlock the device and you can wipe the data if the phone has been stolen.

If you determine that your phone was stolen TekTrak will allow you to send a message to the phone and remotely turn on WiFi. WiFi helps give a more accurate location for the device. TekTrak also has a multilock feature that will prevent anyone from removing the app from the phone. The protection will cost you $4.99 yearly.

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