Android to get $100 million startup fund

An investment firm in Silicon Valley has announced the creation of a $100 million dollar start up fund for Android territory. The firm, DCM, has identified Android as the hottest thing in the tech world right now and has earmarked on average between $500,000 and $4 million in products that will shape the Android ecosystem from the "A-fund" to help select robot-focused start-ups get up and running. The firm stated that Android's rapid rise around the world, particularly in Asia, was what prompted creation of the fund that they hope will enable developers capitalize on it. DCM believes that Android will continue to dominate in Japan, China and Taiwan and that's where a lot of the money is focused. DCM has offices in both Tokyo and Beijing.

Words with Friends Coming to Android, Able to Play Cross-Platform

Fans of their friends Scrabble-clone game "Words with Friends" shall soon be jumping for joy, because Zynga is bringing the extremely popular game to Android later this month. Not only will you be able to play the game on essentially the same interface as it exists on iOS, you'll be able to connect with players on iOS (and whichever other platforms the game will end up being on.) Android already has an official Scrabble app, but IMHO, it's not as well designed as Words with Friends on iOS, and CERTAINLY not as well designed as Scrabble on iOS.

Mafia Wars Coming to Android This Month says Zynga

Over at LeWeb today, a mister David Ko, current SVP of Mobile at gaming superstar Zynga, is talking about the future of mobile social gaming. He's calling it "the next great frontier," and speaks not only of Zyngas new purchase of Newtoy, We Rule, Words with Friends, and Chess with Friends developers, he speaks of the oncoming massively successful (I suppose he hopes) advent of Mafia Wars on Android.
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