Orange San Francisco II Smartphone unveiled on video

You all may remember the ZTE Blade, better know as the Orange San Francisco budget phone that was launched late last year. It ended up being more successful than many probably thought and now they have the big brother set to debut. This is the Orange San Francisco II and it should be available late this month.

ZTE Warp for Boost Mobile travels to a lower price, now just $199

Boost Mobile just recently launched their newest and best prepaid Android device in the ZTE Warp. Becoming available just two days ago on November 2nd, we have some good news for potential buyers although if you already picked this up you might not want to keep reading. Today Boost Mobile has decided after two days to lower the price, all the details are after the break.

ZTE 10.1″ quad-core Tegra 3 tablet spotted

ZTE is better known for their feature phones and low priced Android offerings but has been surprising the world of Android lately. ZTE appears to be going big and have stepped into the quad-core tablet game with a few Honeycomb tablets of their own. We first saw the Tegra 3 touting 7" version last week, and now it seems the 10.1" tablet is also in the wild.

ZTE T98 tablet is the first Tegra 3 tablet to surface

Typically, if a smartphone or tablet is running Tegra under the hood, it's the Tegra 2 flavor that we have all seen before. A new tablet has turned up in China called the ZTE T98 and it runs Tegra of a different flavor in the form of a Tegra 3 chip under the hood. The tablet is small with a 7-inch screen and a thin 11.5mm profile.

ZTE Smart 7″ Android Tab clears the FCC

We saw the ZTE Smart tablets back at IFA 2011 but no details confirmed where it would launch. Now the 7" Honeycomb tablet from ZTE has cleared the FCC making us hopeful it will see a U.S launch soon. It's about time we get a few more 7" tablets in for some competition although I have a feeling we'll have plenty to choose from very soon.

ZTE Score hits Cricket Mobile

Contracts suck, we can all agree to that. If you are looking for a new Android device on a no-contract carrier on the cheap Cricket Wireless has a new offering for you that might be perfect. The smartphone is called the ZTE Cricket and it is the first ZTE branded smartphone to hit the Cricket network. Cricket is also the first carrier to launch the Score from ZTE as well. It will be in Cricket retail locations starting September 25.

Clove pins a price and launch date for UK to ZTE Skate Android smartphone

If you are an Android fan in the UK, hoping to get a smartphone with decent specs at a good price the ZTE Skate might be the smartphone for you. The phone is sized similarly to the HTC Desire HD, but will be much cheaper than that HTC offering. The Skate uses Android 2.3 and has a giant 4.3-inch touchscreen. According to one UK retailer the Skate will be coming soon and will sell for a great price.
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