Gartner: Q4 2012 was a record making quarter for smartphone sales

The latest Gartner report has been released, this time focusing on smartphone sales for the fourth quarter of 2012. Diving right in, the report notes the quarter as breaking records. In fact, Gartner is reporting that Q4 2012 smartphone sales were up 38.3 percent as compared to Q4 2011. Or in actual numbers for the quarter, Q4 2012 saw smartphone sales of 207.7 million. Anyway, given some of the other recent smartphone sales reports we have seen -- we suspect you can guess which companies are on the top of the list.

ZTE Grand Memo with 5.7-inch display revealed ahead of MWC

While many were expecting the ZTE Grand Memo to get an official unveiling during Mobile World Congress, it looks like the company has revealed the phablet a bit ahead of schedule. The Grand Memo was recently shown off during a ZTE event in Hong Kong. Along with showing off the handset, some of the specs have also been confirmed.

ZTE Blade C smartphone brings Jelly Bean on a budget

Another day and we have another device announcement from ZTE. This latest comes just one day after we saw the V81 tablet and has arrived as a budget-friendly smartphone. The handset is the ZTE Blade C and for now it looks like it is only available for those in China. Though, ZTE is also expected to release the Blade C in Europe.

IDC: Strong demand for smartphones with Samsung leading the charge

IDC, the International Data Corporation has recently released their Q4 2012 report and are telling a story of strong demand for smartphones and of heated competition between vendors. The numbers are showing the top five smartphone vendors as being Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Sony and ZTE. The report shows all smartphones vendors as having shipped 219.4 million units during Q4 2012.

ZTE V987 budget 5-inch smartphone spotted

The folks from ZTE have been hitting the 5-inch form factor quite hard as of late. After just recently announcing their new flagship ZTE Grand S 5-inch 1080p smartphone, we're now seeing a similarly designed budget device that is set to dominate the Chinese markets. It's called the ZTE V987 and we have additional details after the break.
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