YouTube now streaming to 1 billion users each month

YouTube has announced their latest milestone, 1 billion. According to a posting on the official YouTube Blog, they are now seeing more than a billion unique users every month. Keep in mind here, that is billion with a 'b' and we are talking unique here. Simply put, that is a rather large number and just to get a handle on what that means -- Google has provided some comparisons.

YouTube co-founder tips rival video service coming soon

We're hearing lots of interesting news coming out of the annual SXSW show in Texas, but one in particular today has us rather interested. That being details regarding YouTube Co-founder Chad Hurley building and set to launch a new video platform and service that will potentially rival YouTube. Plenty have tried and failed, but he could have what it takes.

YouTube may be launching a streaming music service

YouTube related rumors are calling for a subscription based music streaming service. Keep in mind, this is coming in addition to the rumors about Google setting up a subscription streaming service for Android users, one that is expected to be tied in with Google Play. Some of the features are likely to overlap, of course that can probably be said about any two subscription based music services.

YouTube launches smartphone remote control feature for TVs and more

Google has been working hard to improve YouTube and today they've announced an awesome new feature to make viewing videos on the big screen even better. They've already pushed features to allow sharing videos to Google TVs, but today they've announced the same feature will soon be arriving with support for multiple smart TVs and accessories from a variety of manufacturers. Their remote control feature will soon be available on a mass scale, not just Google TV.

Nielsen’s year-end rundown has Android on top once again

It's time for Nielsen to break down the data it collected throughout the year, and once again, we're seeing Android dominate the mobile space as of the end of October 2012. Android had 52% market share at the end of Q3, which places it a significant 17 percentage points ahead of its closest competitor, iOS. BlackBerry managed to secure a third place ranking with 7%, while Windows Phone was only able to boast 2% market share at end of Q3.

Google shows off the Nexus 4 camera in latest ad spot

While shipping might be a little behind for those hoping to get a shiny new Nexus 4 for Christmas, Google's wasting no time showing off their brand new smartphone and some of the awesome features it has. Google's back with another Nexus commercial today, this time showing users the power of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean's Photo Sphere feature to take the perfect holiday photos.

YouTube tweaks interface for mobile web and 10-inch Android tablet users

YouTube is never a company to sit back and relax. It seems like every week there is something new going on with the video service. Now, YouTube has rolled out an update for its mobile browser app and its Android app on Google Play. This update offers a shiny new interface that should make finding on watching videos on the go that much more enjoyable. The update on Google Play only supports 10-inch tablets, so all those 7-inch owners will have to sit this one out. The update adds a guide that makes it easy to watch your favorite channels and find new ones to enjoy. The layout of the guide makes it easy to understand why the larger amount of screen real estate was required to support the refreshed interface. The update is available to download on all Android devices, but phones and smaller tablets will not notice much of a change. All devices will receive some bug fixes and performance improvements. Those are obviously not has fun as a redesigned interface, but they are important none the less. As for the mobile web version of YouTube, that has received some big changes as well. The UI looks much more similar to the new desktop version of YouTube that was rolled out recently. It also includes new features designed to make finding new content to enjoy even easier. [timeline] [via Slashgear]