Samsung Galaxy Round finds an ally in DisplayMate

If Samsung and LG are to be believed, the next smartphone battleground will be around flexible or curved displays in hand-sized proportions. But for now, it all sounds too much like a gimmick. That, however, may not be the case, at least based on some hands-on experiments done by DisplayMate Technologies, a company that specializes in display calibration, optimization, and consultancy.

Samsung’s flexible AMOLED display technology delayed

We've been hearing quite a bit regarding Samsung's extremely impressive and exciting flexible display technology for smartphones and tablets, but are now receiving some bad news. Multiple reports have started to surface stating that Samsung has yet again suffered a few setbacks, and their flexible YOUM displays could be delayed once more.

Apple patents wrap-around AMOLED display tech

Wait. What? Didn't Samsung already have this in the works? For those that aren't familiar Samsung has been working hard on their curved AMOLED dispaly technology, but it looks like Apple might beat them to the punch. Samsung's YOUM display technology has been shown off many times, but Apple's already applied for a patent of said technology.

Samsung names flexible AMOLED tech “YOUM”

Those who don't keep a religious watch on the comings and goings in the supply side of the technology industry will be surprised to know that Samsung, in addition to selling tens of millions of phones every year, supplies components like processors and screens to their own competitors. Just for example, the processor and the screen in the iPad 3 come from Sammy. But when it comes to display tech, Samsung takes all comers, and one of the more interesting designs to come out of the South Korean company is their flexible Super AMOLED display. It seems they're renamed the display tech to "YOUM", for no discernible reason, as well as files trademarks for several more acronyms.