Yelp update adds scheduling feature, not available to all yet

Yelp has rolled out a nifty update to their platform, and will now allow users to schedule appointments from corresponding Yelp profile pages. The service is being rolled out to Spas and Salons first, but gives us the opportunity to schedule from within Yelp without making a call or migrating to another site. This is the latest step in Yelp’s Platform Partnership Program, and if successful, has a lot of implications and use.

Yelp opens up beta program via Google+

Fans of Yelp will now have the opportunity to join in on a beta program. Yelp has opened up a beta testing program, designed to have users test new features of their app ahead of a wider launch. Just by joining a community and being patient about a cutting edge app, you can get your eyes on some of the latest Yelp has to offer.