Yahoo Japan launches its own Android App Store

My my my, Android app stores certainly seem to be cropping up a lot lately, don't they? The latest is Yahoo Market, a competitor for the Android Market and the Amazon Appstore that's only available in Japan at the moment. The store features the obligatory Android app and most popular Android games. At the moment it's just a listing of apps available in the official Android Market, but Yahoo says they they'll be selling apps on their own in the spring of 2012.

The Yahoo! Phone: Running on Google’s Android

Can you say Winning... Oh wait I must be confusing this with something else. Apparently Yahoo is planning to build a phone running on Google's Android OS. Maybe I should say fail instead but then again Yahoo is the biggest search giant in Japan, not Google. What we have here are a few reports that over in Japan Yahoo is planning to release an Android phone with a nice custom user interface skin and geared at you guessed it -- Yahoooo!

Yahoo launches AppSpot for Android

Yahoo has added to the long list of app discovery application on the Android market with a new app called AppSpot. The app will run on any Android smartphone or tablet with Android 2.1 or higher. The app will give personalized app recommendations for your smartphone based on the app that you have installed already.

Yahoo Fantasy Basketball and Hockey Applications available now

Marking Yahoo!'s further entrance into the Android Market they have now released applications just in time for the opening of the NHL and NBA. Fantasy Basketball and Hockey are available now on the Android Market and offer an unique optimized interface that will keep you up-to-date on all the latest happenings in the sports market.

Motorola i1 releasing June 20th

Boost Mobile has officially announced the Motorola i1. This Android powered handset will be available on June 2oth. Boost Mobile is a contract less prepaid wireless company, this will be the first Android handset on such a company.
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