Yahoo Screen app arrives for Android users

Android users now have another option to consider when it comes to streaming video. The latest addition to the Play Store comes courtesy of Yahoo and the app is called Yahoo Screen. This one is free to download and free to use. You'll be able to stream a variety of content including some from Saturday Night Live.

Yahoo’s COO makes abrupt departure, but handwriting was on the wall

In a rather abrupt move, Yahoo COO Henrique de Castro has left the company. Effective Thursday, de Castro will no longer hold any position at Yahoo, and has vacated his position as COO altogehter. This brings a strange wrinkle to an already odd story, and could mean a schism was growing within Yahoo’s ranks.

Yahoo said to be working on a voice-controlled personal assistant

This year has one underlying thread: context. The most glaring example of context is with our mobile devices. Siri and Google Now are nothing new, but Motorola’s take on contextual awareness and information continues to amaze. Google Now saw some sublime updates as well, but some just don’t want the Google ecosystem knowing their every move.

Yahoo confirms SkyPhrase acquisition

News of another Yahoo acquisition has surfaced this morning. This latest is a company called SkyPhrase and at this time, we are seeing confirmation coming by way of Yahoo and SkyPhrase. For those not familiar with the name, SkyPhrase is a company that has built natural language processing technology. And in the words of Yahoo, the technology is "amazing."

NSA taps into Google and Yahoo cables outside the US

If recent revelations about the US governments spying activities still has sent shivers down your spine, this latest bit just might do it. At least it did for some Google employees. It seems highly probable that the NSA has been utilizing its broad overseas reach to tap into Google's and Yahoo's lines to intercept data being exchanged not only between Americans but with other nations' citizens as well.
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